Bob and Luigi’s Pizza Review

Four years ago, we did a review on Bob and Luigi’s. One of the takeaways from our 2013 review was we didn’t cover the pizzas. So Bob and Luigi’s was put back on the list of restaurants to review. Four pizzas later, here’s our latest review on their pies.

4559 N Woodlawn
Wichita, KS 67220

Sunday: 12pm – 2pm; 5pm – 7pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 11am – 2pm; 4:30pm – 8:30pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 2pm; 4:30pm – 9pm

Cash/Card accepted

Website – Menu Online

My colleagues and I placed a carryout order at Bob and Luigi’s for four large pizzas:

The Luigi: beef, sausage, italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, black olive, mushroom, bell pepper, onionTaco: taco sauce, beef, onion, mixed cheese, lettuce, tomato

Triple Pepperoni: pepperoni, cheese, pepperoni, cheese, pepperoni

Bar-B-Que: bbq sauce, chicken, onions

The Luigi
Triple Pepperoni
Taco Pizza
Bar-B-Que Pizza

There were ten of us so each person was given a slice of each of the four pizzas.

Everybody gave me their thoughts on their favorite pizzas and general comments of each pizzas. The consensus on the Triple Pepperoni was it was entirely too greasy.

From there the feelings were mixed on what everyone liked. For starters, my favorite was the Luigi which is Bob and Luigi’s version of the supreme.

One person noted her favorite was the Taco Pizza. She liked how it did not have big chunks of crunchy onions, commonly found on other Taco Pizzas. Many of the toppings for the taco pizza like lettuce was kept in a separate container so you were allowed to fix up your pizza to your preference which was a nice touch. The one missing ingredient everyone would have liked was salsa.

Another person’s favorite was the Bar-B-Que and that is coming from someone who doesn’t generally like bbq pizzas. They didn’t overdo it on the bbq sauce according to one person but another person found it lacking sauce.

There were many comments on the crust, some liked it, some didn’t. While one person found it dense/dry, another felt it was perfect with it not being too thick or not too thin which just goes to show how subjective rating pizza can be.

Of the 10 of us, only one person said they would not order it again. A 90% approval rating from a group of ten is pretty good. While nobody went out of their way to call it the best pizza they’ve had in Wichita, a majority of the group would certainly go again.

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