Great American Cookies Review

While walking through the mall, my nieces noticed a place they’ve never been to. They are now old enough to sneakily ask how to get what they want without directly asking for it:

“Uncle Eddy, we should review this place.”

And with that question comes our latest review on Great American Cookies:

7700 E Kellogg Dr (Inside Towne East Mall)
Wichita, KS 67207

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Great American Cookies is your basic cookie outlet offering cookies, brownies and cookie cakes with specialty flavors. They can be found downstairs at Towne East Mall towards the center near the food court. For those who like to keep it local, Great American Cookie is a national franchise with just one location in town.


On our quick and brief visit to Great American Cookies, I gave the girls free reign of what kind of cookie they wanted. The cookies range in price from $1.69 for the small variety all the way past the three dollar mark for larger cookies and cookies sandwiches filled with frosting. To quote my nieces, “We can afford this, I see you with money all the time!”
The flavors change but on that afternoon birthday cake, chewy supreme chocolate, white chunk macadamia, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and many more.
For whatever reason that day, the girls ate their cookies really slow. It was two either savor the flavor or just really annoy me on purpose……I’m thinking the latter. It was to no surprise that the girls loved them. I had the white chunk macadamia and have to admit I thought it was delicious.
While I find paying essentially $2 a little much on cookies, this was a nice random outing I could see myself taking the kids to again. In doing some more research on Great American Cookies, it looks like they have the occasional Groupon out there as well.
I’m certainly no cookie exert but for the convenience of it, this is somewhere I’m sure I’ll be visiting in the future. Service was your standard first time employee with a girl who didn’t really look like she wanted to be there but still answered what questions we had. The prices were higher for me but standard to the competition around the city but in the end, my nieces loved it so that’s enough for me to warrant a return visit.

Happy Dining,

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