Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken Review

Church’s Chicken has closed in Wichita and Kentucky Fried Chicken’s have slowly been dwindling down in town. That has left a major void on the fast food chicken options in Wichita which has heavily been dominated by Popeye’s.

Enter in Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken.

4206 E Harry
Wichita, KS 67218

Open Daily: 10:30am – 9:30pm

Cash/Card accepted



Started in the mid-70’s, Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken started in California and through the years has expanded to many other markets. Now there’s one in Wichita on the south side of town in the former Long John Silver building. The owners stated they wanted to bring one to town to give chicken fans another option with Church’s Chicken now gone.




All the fried chicken is made with a signature spicy Cajun breading. They don’t offer a mild or spicy option, it’s all one choice. My friend and I both went with the three piece dinner option with a side of beans and a side of mashed potatoes. At $7.49 for the meal it’s pretty comparable with Popeye’s.



I’ll be blunt; the sides weren’t great. They failed immensely in comparison to the sides offered at Popeye’s.

The chicken, on the other hand, was surprisingly pretty good. It was hot to the touch, juicy, and pretty tasty. The spicy Cajun breading had a nice little bite to it that almost kept me wanting more. While the chicken wasn’t as good as Popeye’s, it was far superior to Church’s Chicken and even Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Admittedly, I’ve been twice to Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken because I wanted to get a good assessment of it because I love fried chicken. On both visits, the place was clean and the staff was so incredibly friendly which was a huge plus.

While we preferred Popeye’s to Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken, it’s a viable option if you can’t find a Popeye’s nearby.

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