The Art of Escape ICT

For a while there it seemed like Room Escapes were opening up left and right in town, that has seemed to calm down lately and we are now set with a good selection of them. We’ve written a Complete Guide to Room Escapes in Wichita and that has been updated with the latest one in town: The Art of Escape ICT which opened last year.

3540 W Douglas Suite 4
Wichita, KS 67203

Website | Facebook

$20 a person
Up to 8 people in a room
60 minutes to escape
Bookings available on their website
You could be paired with other people if you don’t fill up all spots in the room


You’ll definitely want to follow them on Facebook as they have a very active feed with contests and promotions. Rooms are $20 a person but sometimes you will be able to find promotions on their site.

As for the Room Escapes, they currently have one room opened, The Syndicate, with two more opening in the future.

My usual group stopped by on our latest Room Escape outing to check it out. Here’s the synopsis for the room:

The Syndicate is one of the most powerful organized crime operations on the face of the planet. Led by the infamous Salvatore Bonnici, the Syndicate has pulled some of the most cunning jobs in recent history. ​ That’s where you come in. You, and your team, in the Syndicate Series, will be living three pivotal moments within the Syndicate’s long and storied history.

The Syndicate is an 8 person room but for our visit we only had six of us. Like many of the other Room Escapes in town, The Art of Escape ICT wants to make sure you have fun. They offer you hints if you need them.

Like every other review, we will never give away things about the room as that’s for you to find out.

The Art of Escape

There were a couple road blocks for our group but we ended up pulling it together in the end and escaping. The moment we stepped out of the room, they even had nice little goodie bags to award us at the end. Nice touch.

The general consensus from our group was we had fun which is the ultimate goal. They had some different and unique spins on puzzles which kept out attention going. In this age with so much competition, the owners of these places have to work really hard to differentiate themselves. We felt The Art of Escape ICT did a good job of this.

They have some other rooms in the works which they hope to intertwine the theme of all their rooms so it’s like a big story. We certainly look forward to checking them out once those rooms open up which should be happening Easter weekend. You’ll want to contact The Art of ICT or check their Facebook page for updates.

The staff on hand was friendly and gladly took in any feedback we had to offer.

They’ve recently partnered up with Puzzle Plex and The Room – Wichita. Anyone who successfully escapes two rooms at Puzzle Plex, The Room – Wichita and The Art of Escape: ICT will win a free escape master t-shirt. I’m not sure if this is valid only moving forward. So if you’ve done all those rooms before, you may want to contact them to see.

Otherwise the Art of Escape: ICT is another worthy addition to the Room Escape offerings in town. One we would recommend to everyone.

Happy Escaping,

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