YaYa’s Euro Bistro Sunday Brunch Buffet

Sometimes on Sundays, a group text will go around asking one simple question: “Brunch?”

Slowly but surely, people will wake up from their slumber or will be walking out of church to see their text and reply “When and where?”

This past Sunday was one of those times and we all made our decision and headed to YaYa’s Euro Bistro for their Sunday Brunch Buffet.

8115 E 21st N (Bradley Fair)
Wichita, KS 67206

Sunday Brunch from 10am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted – WiFi Available

The YaYa’s Sunday Brunch Buffet is $19.95. I was told by a friend there’s a discounted rate if you go at 10am but I was not able to confirm that from their website or Facebook page.

Their Sunday Brunch Buffet covers a huge array of different items to choose from. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or even drinks, they have it all. There’s a Euro Crêpe Bar, Omelettes and Belgian Waffles made to order, Yoder Farm Bacon and Smoked Sausage, Prime Rib, Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Cocktail, Biscuits and Gravy, and so much more. They also have Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for $4 each.

Some people don’t want to read what’s on the menu, they want to see it. Here are the pics:

When we arrived at 12:30, YaYa’s was packed. There was a line nearly out the door for people which was probably a good sign that many customers chose them for brunch. After about 15 minutes, the five of us were seated and it was chow time.

With a good size group to brunch with, we literally had everything on the buffet line. There were many items on the buffet line that everybody liked and even loved. From the Prime Rib to the Smoked Salmon, from the Eggs Benedict to the Meatloaf, this was one of those brunches everyone was extremely pleased with. Even the pastries section had multiple visits from our table which doesn’t happen too often since we are so stuffed by then.

One thing you have to try though: The Belgian Waffles! So delicious!

At $19.95, you’re looking at a price point that’s a little comparable to other Sunday Brunches in town. There are some that are cheaper but for our visit, we felt we ate our money’s worth. This is one we would certainly recommend to others and visit again. They had quantity………and quality; a marriage made in heaven for brunch lovers!

The service was fantastic as usually all visits at YaYa’s are. The only thing you’ll want to be aware of is wait times if they are busy.

With this visit, I believe we only have a few Sunday Brunch Buffets left to check out to finally complete them all.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “YaYa’s Euro Bistro Sunday Brunch Buffet”

  1. I'm glad the buffet was good, I wouldn't go here during a lunch or dinner unless I was steeped in my more luxurious attire. Walked in for lunch in street clothes, and felt ignored by the wait staff. Took a good 10-15 minutes to receive a basic water. Looks of disdain from the waitress were not impressive. Granted, the majority of individuals around were older men and women in business suits. Maybe I was wasting her time, in her mind? Maybe it's just me, but I treat everyone with the greatest respect. Especially as a server. I have heard of servers receiving thousands of dollar tips from customers that look completely disheveled. I've seen similar reviews on other sites about the terrible service and mediocre food during the week. Wish I hadn't wasted my time on this classist establishment.

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