GangNam Korean Grill & Bar Review

Back in 2015, we reviewed Jinji Korean Grill & Bar. While the food was excellent, we only made one visit and never returned. Such was the case with many people citing high prices. It was short-lived and Jinji closed down.

Soon after, they reopened under a new name with a revamped menu. Here we are in a couple years later finally making our way back to check out the rebranded GangNam Korean Grill & Bar.

210 N Washington St
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted


The basic concept and look of GangNam Korean Grill & Bar is the same as Jinji. We would say not much has changed except for the menu which will be posted at the end of this blog.

What makes GangNam stick out from the other Korean restaurants in town are the grilling tables. They are special tables with circular gas grills where you can cook your meal or watch your meal being cooked for you.

They also have a traditional menu to order from so you can dine at a nongrill table. But let’s face it, you might as well try out the grilling table on your trip to GangNam. It’s an experience and fun for all that’s involved. My friends and I have done both the grill yourself and let them grill it for you. If you want our opinion, let them grill it for you. They know what they are doing.

For our most recent visit, we sat at the grilling table and ordered off of the BBQ menu. They have different options to choose from. The Course A offers three different meats at $39.95, Course B has four meats at $59.95, Course C has five meats at $79.95 and Course D has six meats at $99.95.

Course A is good for 2-3 people, Course B is good for parties of 4-5 and it just scales up from there. For our party of four we went with Course B.

We also started off with the appetizer sampler which included all fried items of calimari, eggrolls, tempura, gyoza and other items. We weren’t too fond of the sampler. The items were a little too overfried.

If you order one of the BBQ course meals, it comes with unlimited sides of steamed rice, bowls of kimchi, marinated cucumbers, bean sprouts, julienne carrots and radishes. A plate of romaine lettuce leaves comes along with it as well so you can make your own lettuce wraps with the meat if you care to. Along with that, you’re also given sesame oil and two different red chili sauces.

There’s no denying you’re getting your money’s worth with the BBQ course meals. We found ourselves picking way at all the sides with our chopsticks before the meat even came out.

Then the real fun began when our cook brought our meat out and started cooking. One by one our cook would place the pork belly, bulgogi, brisket and marinated short ribs on the grill. When she was finished cooking one meat, she would split it up evenly and place it on everyone’s plate and start on the next meat option.

We ate like kings and were served like kings. It was an amazing experience. Our cook was so wonderful, helpful and upbeat. Before placing each meat, she would explain what it was. When it was finished, she would let us know which sauces worked best with it along with which sides she preferred to eat it with.




One of my friends said, “Wow, they really gave us the varsity squad tonight!” in regards to service. Our server/cook’s name was Yong. The next time we go back, we will be sure only to ask for her. She’s simply fantastic and someone you too should request when you go in. Some servers in that type of setting may cook the food for you in silence, not engage you and ready for it to be over with. Yong gave us the type of service that made us feel like she cared and treated us as her own children.

Back to the food now. Our favorite was the pork belly strips. It was like eating tender thin slices of bacon. The second favorite was the marinated bulgogi. As you can see from the Instagram video posted below, it has a calming sizzle while on the grill and released a great aroma that made your mouth water. After the first bite, it made your mouth water even more.

Course B was $59.95 split four ways. We couldn’t even finish our food; stuffed would be an understatement.

Our visit to GangNam turned out to be one of those dining events that you just want to tell your friends about. It was highlighted by friendly service and ended with an amazing meal. Besides the appetizer sampler, there’s not much negative to be said for GangNam.

Count us in as return visitors in the near future…. we’ll make sure to request Yong too.





Happy Dining,

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