Gordita’s Express Review

There just might be a million tiny little taco and gordita restaurants in Wichita. It’ll probably take a lifetime to make it out to every single one but I’m going to give it my best shot. My next stop for some quick Mexican food brought me to Gordita’s Express.

1602 E Harry
Wichita, KS 67211

Cash/Card accepted


This was an unplanned stop. It was just me driving around Wichita and stopping at the first place that looked appetizing enough for me to do a quick review on.
Gordita’s Express is a very tiny, four table restaurant near Harry and Hydraulic. It’s your typical hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that features quick service items like Mexican plates, burritos, tacos, you name it.
For the sake of this review, I stuck with two favorites I usually stick to:


I went with a few tacos (Alpastor, Guisado Verde and Chicken) and a couple gorditas (Barbacoa and Guisado Verde). If your restaurant is named Gordita’s Express, it makes sense to order gorditas, right?
I was the only person in the restaurant so it may have taken about five minutes for my order to arrive. They did have a steady flow of business at their drive-thru though.
Both were easily some of the best gorditas and tacos I’ve had in town. One thing you can expect in both is enough filling to leave you satisfied. They weren’t skimpy on the meat. The Guisado Verde packed enough flavor and makes me wish they had Guisado Rojo on hand that evening. I love pork in my tacos and Gordita’s Express must have known that because there was plenty to go around.
Have you ever had a gordita that was just dry to the bone? You won’t find that here at Gordita’s Express.
One major thing I noticed is I didn’t need any hot sauce on the tacos or gorditas. I am guessing that’s like eating a steak without steak sauce. A good steak doesn’t need steak sauce and a good taco doesn’t need salsa.
We have ourselves a winner over at 1602 E. Harry. I’ll definitely be back for some more tacos at this little hidden gem.

Happy Dining,

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