More New Restaurants Coming to Wichita!

PokeMix coming to Wichita

Just when you think Wichita couldn’t handle any more new restaurants, word comes out of more options coming in 2017. This is music to my ears and what I call job security…..considering I’m an unpaid food blogger.

Earlier this year, we discussed some of the options coming to Wichita like Noble House, Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. and Slim Chickens. But to all foodies delights, here’s more of what to look for!

PokeMix – Opening at 8918 W 21st St suite 600 (21st and Tyler). PokeMix has announced their grand opening for May 19. PokeMix offers create your own Poke bowls with your choice of fish, rice and other options. As a huge fan of Poke, this just may be one of my most anticipated restaurants coming to Wichita.

VietNom Nom – Opening at 13th and Tyler at Tyler Pointe. They just broke ground on their new restaurant and is projected to be open around August/September of 2017. VietNom Nom is a fast casual Vietnamese Restaurant. Between PokeMix and VietNom Nom, it’s good to see some new options coming to the West side.

VietNom Nom ground breaking

Texas Roadhouse – Opening at Greenwich Place at K-96 and Greenwich. Wichita Eagle reported last week that this is in the works. My family is excited; my friends are excited; I am excited. This is one of the busiest steak restaurants in town and always worth the drive out West too. The west side location is one of Texas Roadhouse’s busiest locations company wide. It only makes sense to bring one to the east side.Word is this won’t be open until early next year though.

Future Ziggy’s Pizza East

Ziggy’s Pizza East – Opening at 12115 E 21st N #101. Set to open “soon”. Clifton Square’s favorite son has location number two which is almost complete. You’ll want to follow their Facebook page to keep up on the news.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza – Opening at Greenwich Place at K-96 and Greenwich. It’s a chain based out of Kansas City that is a fast-casual pizza concept that serves artisanal pizza. Customers can build their own pizza and have it cooked in three minutes in an 800-degree oven. Sounds like some competition for the struggling Pie Five Pizza which recently closed down one of their locations. Pizzas at Blaze will cost $8. The tentative opening is set for early August.

The restaurant industry is a competitive one and I, for one, am excited to see how they fare against the competition. The bar is set pretty high so as foodies we get to reap the benefits.

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