Must Try Menu Item: Kimlan Sandwiches Steamed Bun

Steamed Bun

Welcome back to our “Must Try Menu Item” Feature where we go around from restaurant to restaurant and pick one item on the menu that everybody should try at least once.

For this go around, we focus on a menu item that many people may not be familiar with or even ever had. It’s at one of my favorite restaurants in town; Kimlan Sandwiches who we wrote about last year.

While everybody there should go there for their Banh Mi sandwiches which are the best in town, there’s one menu item you should try once. It’s their Steamed Bun!

Now what is Steamed Bun? It’s a popular Chinese cuisine which also goes by the name of baozi. They are bun (which is bread-like dough) that can be filled with meat and other vegetable fillings. It’s then steamed thus the name, “Steamed Bun”.

They can be found at Kimlan Sandwiches for roughly five dollars a piece and let me tell you, they are worth every penny.

At Kimlan they are mainly filled with pork, egg, and Chinese sausage.

They are surprisingly filling, light on the stomach and very satisfying. I grew up eating Steamed Bun often as they were so easy to make. Kimlan does an excellent job of bringing this authentic dish to the masses and it’s worth a try for everyone who likes to venture out with new meals.

Give one of these a try and let me know what you think. They are located at 1035 N. Broadway. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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