First Look at Oak and Pie

The Village at Greenwich has really grown over the year and now houses many restaurants. So far the offering has been lackluster with no restaurants that are true must try’s. We’ve been to every single place within the Village that offers food and not one has caught our attention that makes us crave it again.

Our hope is that will change with their newest restaurant, the much talked about and truly beautiful Oak and Pie.

2244 N Greenwich Rd Suite 900
Wichita, KS 67226

Sunday & Monday: 11am – 9pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm

Website – Menu available online

Cash/Card accepted

Oak and Pie is the newest wood oven pizza restaurant following in the footsteps of places like Il Vicino and Piatto. Oddly enough all the main upscale wood oven pizza restaurants are on the east side of town.

What sets Oak and Pie apart is the true beauty of the restaurant. They really did it right with the decor.

Everywhere you sit, it’s certain to be comfortable. They have a great patio facing the north side of the restaurant and the bar area is great; nice and spacious and a wonderful place for afterwork drinks……

………. or in our case, anytime drinks. For the record, we really loved their Cucumber Blood Orange Spritzer seen in the middle (and the right, they messed that one up).

This first look actually goes over two different visits. I had family and friends who both were anxious to try Oak and Pie so I did what any caring person would do…..go both times.

On both visits, we ordered appetizers in the form of meatballs with pie sauce and the calamari tossed with spicy pickled peppers. My niece loved the pita bread and dipping it into the pizza sauce. As for the meatballs, there weren’t much to them. It was your typical ground beef with spices and seasonings. One of my colleagues wasn’t a fan at all and was done after one. As for the calamari, they were much better. When eaten with the spicy pickled peppers it was even better. The peppers really gave the calamari that great complimentary kick. A couple of people did note that some parts of the calamari were a bit under-cooked and you could tell by the color.


Next up were the salads. Everybody ordered salads. From their house salad to the Caesar Salad to the Fresh Market Salad, anybody who went with one of the greens was a happy camper. My cousin noted that the house salad was one of the best salads she has ever had. The red wine vinaigrette was key in making it her favorite.

A few people, including myself, had the Farmer’s Market Salad. Once again, their white balsamic vinaigrette dressing lightly drizzled over the candied walnuts, apples and Bibb lettuce were a great combination.

Even my friend who had the Caesar salad was eating away with pure jealousy saying he wished he could make something like that at home.

The only negative went to the Chilled Pasta Salad which was essentially flavorless. If there was any dressing on it, you couldn’t tell.

Farmer’s Market Salad


Caesar Salad


House Salad


Chilled Pasta Salad

Next up: the main course. There were some orders that weren’t pizza in our group: the Lou’s Lasagna and the Famous Panini with tomato basil soup. The lasagna came out a bit cooler than it should have been. Ironically enough, a lady who sat right next to us had the same issue. I had the lasagna and admittedly it wasn’t my favorite. When it comes to lasagna, it wasn’t close to others in town like DeFazio’s or Il Vicino or Angelo’s. There was something off to it that was hard to spot. I had a couple of my friends also try it and they had the exact same feeling.

My friend had no issue with the tomato basil soup and felt it to be pretty good. As for the Famous Panini, he said the chicken was too tender as if it had been boiled for too long.


Finally it was time for what we came for: the pizzas. The first thing we noticed was the temperature of the pizza. The pizzas were warm but it wasn’t the same type of heat you’d find at Il Vicino or Piatto. When doing a quick google search on Oak and Pie to get the website information, I noticed on Google Reviews one of my photographer friends said the same thing.

Without getting too much into it, nobody left really blown away by the pizzas. While the wood oven pizzas are larger than the competition, there was a lot of crust to it as seen in the pictures below. The favorite of all the pizzas ordered was the Chicken White Pie and one of my cousins said if it weren’t for the alfredo sauce, he probably wouldn’t have finished it. The Soprano Italiano was very greasy which turned off another family member.

All of the other pizzas just lacked the flavor we were expecting. Maybe we set our expectations too high. Even for myself, I went twice and really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t for me.

Chicken White Pie


Soprano Italiano


Oh, Buddy!


The Dogfather

For the service, the servers were fantastic. They catered to our every need which is why we wanted to like the place. Add in the whole ambiance of it all and it was a place we could have seen coming back for multiple returns had we been a fans of our food.

As for price, they are about on par with Piatto. When you compare it to Il Vicino which they are essentially like, you’re spending more for a slightly larger pizza (10 inches versus 12 inches). Il Vicino prices are $8-11.50 while Oak and Pie is $12-15. The pepperoni pizza at Il Vicino is $8.50 vs. $12 at Oak and Pie.

In the competitive scene of wood oven in Wichita, Oak and Pie just failed to capture the magic we’ve come to love at places like Piatto and Il Vicino. We left with an underwhelming feeling.

Wichita Eagle writer, Denise Neil, recently boasted about her rare four star review for Piatto. Looking back at her past reviews, it looks as though she hasn’t reviewed many pizza establishments so we were all interested to see if she would do a review of Oak and Pie and how it compared.

Upon looking at further reviews online, Oak and Pie certainly has their fans and could end up doing very well in Wichita with their following. There were also some that had our point of views. Unfortunately for my group of ten friends and family, it was a miss.

Happy Dining,

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