Hot Stone Korean Grill’s Ramen

There’s a brand new menu item available at one of my favorite lunch spots, Hot Stone Korean Grill. It is ramen which took Wichita by storm when Yokohama Ramen Joint opened over a year ago.

Hot Stone Korean Grill’s new menu, which can be found on their Facebook page, still has many favorites of mine like bulgogi dishes and bento boxes. But we went there specifically for ramen as it’s become one of my favorite dishes.

Their menu has five different types of ramen: Miso Tonkatsu, Kimchi Tonkatsu, Seafood, Veggie Shoyo and Shin (Spicy). For the Spicy Ramen, it doesn’t include meat so you’ll spend a couple bucks if you want to add something to it.

Any of the ramen dishes with meat will run you $10-12. For those wondering how that fares compared to Yokohama, their dishes are $8.25-9.

We tried two different ramen dishes, their Miso Tonkatsu Ramen and the Spicy Ramen with pork belly.


The Spicy Ramen was just as advertised…..very spicy; so spicy I had to stop at times because my mouth was burning. You’ll definitely want to order pork belly with it.

For the Miso Tonkatsu, the noodle quality was fantastic and just the type of noodles I prefer in my ramen. The broth wasn’t salty and had great flavor. The problem was there was barely any broth in the bowl.

Ramen’s a good addition to the Hot Stone menu. I’m still back and forth whether I like it more than my usual bulgogi or bento box orders. The actual quality was good but for the money, the ramen costs more for a smaller portion size than the competitors.

Feel free to give it a try and make your own judgment. They are located at 3743 N Rock Rd # 100 (near 37th and Rock).

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