Ourrs Family Dining Review

After a Sunday morning of golf, my friends and I drove around looking for a place to eat. It was right around lunch time and Taqueria El Fogon was closed for a private event. We decided to drive back near Clapp golf course and check out a restaurant we thought sounded familiar.

1606 S Georgetown St
Wichita, KS 67218

Open Daily 11am – 8:30pm except for Tuesdays
Closed on Tuesdays


Cash/Card accepted

Ourrs Family Dining is your standard family buffet that serves many different styles of food. They are similar to Furrs Family Dining which Ourrs took over. The names are so similar, one would think they just covered the F and put in the O.
After further investigation, it looks as though that’s indeed that they did.
Here are their prices:

Adult Lunch – $8.99, with tax $9.66
Senior Lunch – $7.99, with tax $8.59
Child 3-5yrs. – $4.99, with tax $5.36
Child 6-10yrs. – $5.99, with tax $6.44

Adult Dinner – $9.99, with tax $10.74
Senior Dinner – $8.99, with tax $9.66
Child 3-5yrs. – $5.99, with tax $6.44
Child 6-10yrs. – $6.99, with tax $7.51

Sunday all day Adults – $10.99, with tax $11.81
Seniors – $9.99, with tax $10.74
Child 3-5yrs – $5.99, with tax $6.44
Child 6-10yrs. – $6.99, with tax $7.51

Prices include all the food and drink you want! Ourr’s Senior prices start at age 62yrs. and up.

As noted, Ourrs is a buffet similar to what you’d find at a Golden Corral. The big difference with Ourrs is it’s all cafeteria line style meaning you walk down an aisle and other people serve you the food.

At Ourrs, there’s everything from your basic American lunch staples like meatloaf, chicken, soup, salad to some Chinese buffet staples like fried rice, lo mein, chicken broccoli.

Here’s a run down in the form of pictures:

There’s certainly the long line of foods to choose from.

My friends and I tried most of what was available and to be completely honest, nothing really stood out. It was your standard buffet fare where the food tasted all about average. No one really hated the food with the exception of their ribs.

Ourrs had their following of people though. Most of the tables were filled on our visit and most of the people enjoyed their food from what we were able to observe. With prices comparable or even better on particular days compared to Golden Corral, we didn’t notice much of a difference.

If you like the standard all over the board buffets, we suppose this could be worth a shot for you. Otherwise this probably isn’t for you. Ourrs didn’t appeal to us and ultimately was a spur of the moment decision when our first choice for lunch was closed.

Happy Dining,

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