The Popcorner Review

Americans consume around 14 billion quarts of popcorn a year. That’s an insane amount of popcorn. To be honest, it’s a fascination I’ve never grasped on to. Work vendors send us tins of popcorn during the holidays. One of the most popular popcorn shops I’ve been to is Garrett based out of Chicago. The lines to check out made me wonder if some addictive drug was placed inside to keep people coming back for more.

Here’s the kicker though, every time the popcorn is around; I end up eating more than I should.

While out shopping in Andover one afternoon, I came across a little shop at the corner of Andover and Central. My niece saw it and recommended we stop inside to the topic of our latest review; The Popcorner.

528 N Andover Rd
Andover, KS 67002

2121 N Tyler Rd
Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Once you walk in, there is no confusion popcorn is the main product.




They have it all: tins, bags, treats, flavored popcorn, create your own flavored popcorn, you name it. The popcorn can be purchased in all different sizes as well. It’s an anyway you want it type of experience.

My niece and I purchased four different small bags on our visit to take home and try. We went with Birthday Cake, Chicago Style, Tuxedo Gourmet, and Cookie Monster.




We are the first to admit that we are no popcorn connoisseurs.  After trying the Chicago Mix, I had the same satisfaction with The Popcorner’s as I did with Garrett’s that people swear by. The Tuxedo Gourmet was my personal favorite. Can you go wrong with caramel with white and milk chocolate drizzled over the top?

My niece could not stop chowing down the Birthday Cake and Cookie Monster. Both extremely sweet options, she could not resist. For the record, Cookie Monster was the flavor of the week and isn’t available at all times. The other ones mentioned are.

There wasn’t a single flavor choice that we disliked. For a couple people who don’t eat popcorn often, we were more than satisfied with the Popcorner. It was great, wonderful, and tasty.

The staff inside were extremely helpful and friendly. They left a good enough of an impression that was worthy of a review.

With two locations in town, I could see myself returning for more popcorn for myself or even as gifts for people.

Happy Dining,

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