Petra: A Taste of Jordan Lunch Buffet Review (CLOSED)

Trying different ethnicities has long been a passion of mine.

A few months ago, Petra: A Taste of Jordan, a new Jordanian restaurant opened in Wichita. It’s a type of food I’ve never had and was excited to finally give it a try.

With Jordan being in the Middle East, much of their food has similarities to Syrian, Arabian, Persian, Lebanese and Mediterranean food; all styles of food I’ve had and love.

6140 E 21st St
Wichita, KS 67208

Lunch buffet available daily from 11am – 3pm
Price $11.99


Cash/Card Accepted

Once you step inside, you’ll find a restaurant that offers something a little different other than food.


There’s plenty of fancy seating including a covered area for a more private experience. If chairs aren’t your thing, you can sit on comfortable cushions.

Afraid my old knees would ache from sitting on the ground and my body unwilling to cooperate getting up after stuffing it with food, I opted for the table.

Now here’s a look at what is offered at the buffet line:






The buffet includes Arabic salad, hummus, baba ghanouj, special rice, vegetables, vegetable stew with chicken, roasted chicken, yellow rice, bread, and lentil soup.

Buffets are a great way to try all sorts of different options for food one may not be familiar with. One take away I had was the buffet was missing popular Jordanian favorites like falafel, grape leaves, and mansaf. While those can be found on the regular menu, it would have been nice to try them out.


As for the options available on the buffet line, I have nothing negative to say about the food. While I’m familiar with many of the items, they all had a different style. After speaking with a couple of the employees, they gave me some insight on what make some of their food different than what could be found at another similar style restaurants.

For instance, the Arabic salad which had a similarity to tabbouleh didn’t taste as oily or doused with lemon juice. The vegetable make up was slightly different but still fantastic. The hummus also included less of a ratio of tahini and lemon juice. I found many of the options to be light and didn’t leave me feeling so stuffed.

My favorite combination included the roasted chicken, vegetable stew with chicken laid over a special rice and baba ghanouj.

While I’m not a fan of baklava in general, I loved the ones served at Petra which was included with the buffet. It included pistachios which took away from how sweet the dessert usually is.

At $11.99, I left pleased and satisfied with the food. The food and customer service were both top notch. I’ll be going back soon to try some of their menu items that were missing from the buffet line.

Give this a try yourself soon if you love trying new things.

Here’s a look at their regular menu:


Happy Dining,

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