Time to weigh in on Chipotle’s Queso

On September 12, Chipotle did was people think would never be done: add queso without E. coli to their menu.

Queso has been a requested item from customers for years and Chipotle finally caved in. Caved in is probably not the best word to be used right now given their incident with a ceiling caving in and rats falling onto customers and to the ground.

Aside from all the jokes because Chipotle has certainly taken a public relations beating over the years, I don’t mind Chipotle. I still eat it after all their issues as do millions of other customers.

When word went out queso was being added, I made sure my co-workers and I get in on the reviews of it. We’ve been reading all the news outlets post their thoughts and wanted to get ours in.

One thing to note about Chipotle’s queso is it’s all natural. There are no additives in it. You can take a look at their ingredients here.

For prices:
Queso on your burrito is $1.25
4oz queso on the side is $2.05
4oz queso and chips is $3.45
Large queso (8oz) and chips is $5.25

We opted for the standard size queso but didn’t realize how small it was from ordering it online.

This is what $4.10 will get you (minus the two quarters)

We decided to show what the 4oz of queso looked like by a quarter. It really wasn’t much.

The more important part was how did it taste?

I had over a dozen people try the queso (yes, those 8oz went around sparingly).

The reviews were extremely mixed and all across the board. The first set of people who tried it described it as gritty, lacking the proper texture of queso, lacking salt, not spicy enough, bland or “This just flat out sucks”. Blah was the most commonly used word for the first group.

Later on, another co-worker randomly walked by, tried it and said she loved it. It was a stark difference from what everybody in the first group said.

The second group said they liked it or it wasn’t that bad. Their opinions were relatively more positive than the first group. Not a single person called it the best queso they’ve ever had but said it was certainly good and worth buying. One person in the second group flat out wouldn’t even try it saying he gave up Chipotle a long time ago after all their issues.

Some friends would message me later saying it was some of the worst queso they’ve ever had. Others would say that queso wasn’t meant to be all natural…..that’s what makes it so good!

Chipotle’s queso was certainly some of the most polarizing food we’ve ever had to review.

While most people were in agreement that their expectations for Chipotle were pretty high, nobody would call it the best queso they’ve ever had.

Overall, it was more misses than hits from the people who all sampled the new product from Chipotle.

One common opinion was that the price tag was too high for what you got. Had it been excellent, than maybe worth it. Maybe if they added E. coli it would have been even better? Who knows.

What do you think of Chipotle’s new queso? Weigh in!

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Time to weigh in on Chipotle’s Queso”

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  2. I have had their queso and I thought it was horrible. It tastes like it is from a powder mix. To me that is just not real queso. It is also very expensive for bad queso.

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