Burger King’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets: not all nuggets are created equally

Burger King refuses to allow Wendy’s to beat them at anything. For a while now, Wendy’s has been offering spicy chicken nuggets on their menu. This month Burger King has declared war and introduced it to their menu for a limited time nationwide.

Burger King Spicy Nuggets

For $1.49 you get ten of Burger King’s new spicy chicken nuggets. The nuggets are made with white chicken and covered in a spicy homestyle breading. For the price, Burger King can’t be beat. But for the flavor, can they?

Burger King Spicy Nuggets

A co-worker and I had them for lunch recently. He has the palate of a five-year old while I just love chicken nuggets in general so we were the perfect demographic for trying out these new menu items.

Burger King Spicy Nuggets

There’s a good amount of breading on each one. They are fairly crispy and are lightly coated with black pepper as well. They certainly look like Wendy’s nuggets but do not taste like them. In fact, they aren’t even close to as good. There’s a nice crispy crunch to them and the nuggets themselves are juicy when you bite inside but for the flavor, it’s missing. There’s not much spice to it at all. My colleague, who doesn’t like spicy foods, didn’t find them to be spicy either.

The nuggets were just bland; no real spice, no flavor, not much at all. It was fairly disappointing as we were expecting an exact replica of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets. In the end, they had everything down from the texture to the look but not the flavor.

At $1.49 for ten nuggets, we would opt for the regular nuggets which we found to be much better. Unfortunately for Burger King, Wendy’s wins this battle.

Feel free to try them for yourselves though to see what you think. They are only available for a limited time at all participating Burger King’s around town.

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