Fizz Burgers & Bottles Review

Fizz Bottles and BurgersSometimes you just need a thick juicy burger over lunchtime to get you through the day. That’s the exact feeling my colleagues and I had on lunch visit to 37th and Rock Road when we checked out Fizz Burgers & Bottles.

7718 E 37th St
Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

With it being a beautiful day outside, we opted to sit on their spacious patio facing the west side. Before glancing over their menu, we already knew we were going to start off with their dill and sweet pickles along with their regular and sweet potato fries.

Fizz Burgers & Bottles Fizz Burgers & Bottles Fizz Burgers & Bottles

The pickles are top notch. They have the perfect crunch to them, are the perfect size for dill slices and well….perfect. We loved them and I especially loved them. As a huge fan of pickles, you can’t go wrong with what Fizz offers.

What’s great about the fries is the sauces. Just like pickles, we love condiments. There seven sauces to choose from: Garlic Aioli, Roasted Garlic, Smoked Pepper Mayo, Ranch, Pecan, Ketchup, and Spicy Ketchup. The fun part is mixing and matching either the regular or sweet potato fries into different sauces to see what combination you like the most. Some people liked the garlic aioli and sweet potato fries. One of my favorites was the regular fries and the smoked pepper mayo or spicy ketchup.

For our main entrée, we ordered an assortment of different burgers. Forgive me as I didn’t take note of what burger was what. I was too busy trying different fries/sauces. I get easily distracted.

Fizz Burgers & Bottles Fizz Burgers & Bottles Fizz Bottles and Burgers Fizz Burgers & Bottles Fizz Burgers & Bottles

We had four burgers and a “burger salad” ordered. The delivery time was quick as well. At no point did we have a problem with the service. They were on top of everything from drink refills to tending to any need.

From there on, it was chow time. There was some silence at the table during lunch and that usually means everybody is enjoying their food too much to talk. There wasn’t a single complaint at the table on food. Each person enjoyed their meal thoroughly. I had the spicy burger and it was a thick juicy patty topped with the smoked pepper mayo sauce. I opted for the 1/4 lb patty as a 1/2 lb would have put me out for the rest of the day. My colleague who had the burger salad kept commenting on how much food it was for the price. She couldn’t even finish half of it and was very pleased with it. It’s a great option for the no carb folks.

All in all, it was a great lunch outing with great service BUT it didn’t end there. They coerced us into trying dessert.

Fizz Burgers & Bottles

Cakeballs! We each had one and it was like the cherry on top for our meal. While I sit here and type this blog out, I keep staring at those cakeballs; so distracting.

Definitely check out Fizz Burgers & Bottles sometime. And if you do, be sure to try their pickles along with all the other wonderful items on their menu.

Happy Dining,

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