PB&J Oreos: Do they live up to the Oreo expectation?

When I was told that Nabisco was releasing a PB&J flavored Oreo, I anxiously stopped by Dillon’s multiple times until they hit the shelves. The patience paid off as I was able to finally get my hands on a pack for $2.50.

Nabisco PB&J OreoThese limited release cookies come with peanut butter flavor creme and jelly flavor creme thus making what Nabisco calls PB&J cookie magic.

Upon opening the package, there wasn’t much of PB&J scent to it. I pulled out some cookies along with some colleagues and we closely inspected each one.

Nabisco PB&J OreoThe peanut butter creme tastes just like peanut butter. Nabisco did well there. Where they failed was the jelly creme. It had an odd artificial raspberry taste to it. Nobody ended up being that big of a fan of it. Nabisco should have opted for some sort of grape jelly which would have been much better.

While nobody found the cookies to be disgusting, not a single person was wowed by them to the point they would go off and buy their own package. The PB&J Oreos didn’t live up to the hype and failed to live up to the Oreo expectation. We would all definitely opt for the double stuffed Oreos.

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