Pollo Express: Mexican food you don’t want to pass up

A while ago on the Wichita By E.B. Facebook page, I polled readers for places to go visit and the subject of our next blog was highly recommend by so many people. Then it was also suggested by the guys over at Wichita Taco Tour as well as two friends of mine who frequent the restaurant often. With all those people telling me I should go, I moved it to the top of my list of places to check out.

Without further ado let’s start talking about our latest blog review on Pollo Express.

Pollo Express

2501 W Pawnee
Wichita, KS 67213

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

I was joined on this visit with a handful of friends, some who have been there and others who hadn’t. We (or I should say my friends) ordered some queso to start the dinner off. It was likely more for the kids who were with us to give them something to eat on while we waited to turn in our dinner orders.

Pollo Express

Let’s move on to the real focus of the dinner, the entrees! Lo and behold, here’s everything we ordered.

Pollo Express
Chicken fajitas
Pollo Express
Assortment of different tacos
Pollo Express
Nearly every taco meat they had on the menu
Pollo Express
Carne Asada Torta
Pollo Express
Two taco plate dinner
Pollo Express
Taco burger and fries for the kids
Pollo Express

My friend really enjoyed her chicken fajitas; felt there was a great ratio of vegetables to chicken and sauced just right. She also used the hot red salsa on her fajitas and felt that was the best salsa of them all. Her husband ordered the enchiladas and was impressed by them. He felt the sauce had good flavor and the rice was outstanding. It was a solid dinner especially for the price. They were both first timers and would definitely go back.

Then my other friends who had been there before went with some of their go to taco meats like the Carne Asada. One of them works near there so he’s constantly there for lunch. They already give Pollo Express a very glowing endorsement and would recommend it to anyone.

To wrap up the dinner, it was my order which consisted of the Carne Asada Torta and then the following taco meats: Lengua, Tripas, Transmission, Al Pastor, Carnitas, and Barbacoa. Yes, I ordered a torta and six tacos. I wanted to get a full impression of what Pollo Express was all about. Little to my knowledge their little street tacos aren’t so little. Most places you go to have 2-4 inch tacos. At Pollo Express their close to six inches long and double wrapped. The tacos were massive. Someone was about to gain some weight and that someone was me. I went through all the tacos and was extremely impressed with their Tripas taco. It was cooked just right so it wasn’t so chewy or tough. That was followed by their Lengua which was tender and flavorful. Honestly, I didn’t have a taco I didn’t like. After finishing six full size tacos, I couldn’t make room for the torta. It just wasn’t happening. I asked for a box to work on that later in the day.

The kids then ended their night with flan. Flan is an open, rimmed, pastry or sponge base, containing a sweet or savoury filling. It’s a common dessert found at many Mexican restaurants around town.

Pollo Express

My friends did mention to me that Pollo Express draws a very big lunch crowd. Fortunately for our visit, it wasn’t as busy and it gave us time to chat with the staff for a little bit who were so incredibly friendly and humble. In that area of Pawnee and Meridian there isn’t too much competition for Mexican food so they really have a faithful following of customers. While chatting with the owner, he was very grateful for everybody that entered his doors. He was proud yet humble of his food after receiving compliments from us. The only negative about the owner was he’s a Washington Redskins fan.

Overall it was a great trip out south to Pollo Express for my group of friends. It was nice to sit around a table, catch up and be fed delicious food.

I can honestly say as an unbiased taco fan, this is some Mexican food you don’t want to pass up. Get out there and try it for yourself. Below is also a copy of the menu.

Pollo Express Pollo Express

Happy Dining,

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