Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi now offering ramen


Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi

One of my favorite little quick service Japanese restaurants now has ramen on the menu!

A couple of months ago, Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi closed down to revamp their menu and dining room. They opened back up in mid-October with four different ramen bowls on the menu. You can check it out here at their website.

Their ramen bowls run $8.25 a piece and come in four different options: Ton Katsu Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Miso Ramen, and Hell Ramen. As you can guess by the name, Hell Ramen is their spiciest option. I stopped in a couple of times over the past month to try their ramen out and have to say their Hell Ramen is far away my favorite.

It’s the perfect amount of heat mixed with a rich flavor that equates to a delicious meal.

Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi

For those looking for something less spicy, try out their Shoyu Ramen. For ramen lovers, it’s your basic style noodle soup that will fill you up for sure.

Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi

Amid reports that they were going to remove sushi, the owners of Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi decided to keep it on the menu but trim it down after receiving feedback from customers. So you can also still get your simple sushi feel in if you are craving that on the go as well.

Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi

If you’re looking for another ramen spot in town, give them a check out at 327 N. Hillside St near Hillside and Central. Their hours are Sunday – Thursday 11am – 9:30pm and Friday/Saturday from 11am – 10pm.

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