Subway’s limited time only Reuben Sandwich


Last year, Subway released their limited edition Reuben sandwich and I totally missed out on it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you view it) Subway has brought it back for this fall and winter for fans who loved it the first time around.

The sandwich includes slices of corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island sauce, and Swiss Cheese. It’s served on a loaf of toasted rye bread. A turkey version is also available for those interested.


A footlong Reuben runs $8.99, a 6-inch runs $5.99, and the chopped salad version costs $7.04.

I opted for the footlong and ordered it online for store pickup. That process was quick and easy. When I was back at my desk at work, I opened everything up and wasn’t sure the sandwich looked that appealing.


Flavor-wise, the sandwich was really off. The sauerkraut was particularly bad. It was mushy with a bit of an acidic taste which seemed to throw off the whole sandwich. It lacked the crisp that I’m used to in most sauerkraut I eat. The sandwich also lacked much sauerkraut at all which was actually the best part of the sandwich by accident.

The Thousand Island was also M.I.A. in many parts of the sandwich. The Subway “Sandwich Artist” failed to really lay on a good amount of dressing; it was just uneven throughout.

The corned beef and Swiss cheese would best be described by the word: bland.

At $8.99 + tax, I felt ripped off. I could have had plenty other Reubens around town for that price. Yet I fell victim to excellent TV advertising and impulse buying. I love Reubens in general so that didn’t help matters much for making better decisions. The worst restaurant in Wichita could put out a Reuben and I’d give it a try. That’s how much I love Reubens.

In this instance, I hope everybody can learn from my mistake and Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “Subway’s limited time only Reuben Sandwich”

  1. I too tried the Subway Reuben the other day. And like you, I consider myself somewhat of a Reuben aficionado and will always try a Reuben if it’s offered on the menu. Your review is spot on and mirrors my experience as well.

    The sauerkraut was lacking in flavor and it almost makes you wonder if the Subway test kitchen opted for a milder/blander flavor over a more sour taste in order to not offend a wider, less Reuben experienced customer.

    And like your experience, the amount of sauerkraut and dressing was lacking. This I think goes to training and the Subway staffs lack of Reuben knowledge. I doubt the workers at your local Subway have even tried the sandwich itself which was telling when the young woman dressing my sandwich asked me twice to confirm that I didn’t want lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, etc. on my sandwich and even commented that it was boring with just the sauerkraut, dressing and Swiss cheese.

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