UberEATS is now in Wichita: How does it compare?

We reported back in September that UberEats was coming to Wichita. That day is finally here. As of this morning you can head to UberEats.com or download the UberEATS app on your iPhone or Android phone and begin ordering food to be delivered to you.


At the moment, it appears the delivery is only available in certain parts of town such as certain neighborhoods on the East side of town and downtown. You’ll have to check the app or website to see if it’s available for you yet. The service is available 7 days a week. How it works is you go to the site or app, type in your address and a list of participating restaurants will appear.


One news outlet said over 40 local restaurants were available. When I did a quick search for my neighborhood, only 11 restaurants came up: Village Inn, Churn & Burn, Wings and Things, Doc Greens, NuWay, Magoos Bar and Grill, Emerson Biggins, Lou’s Charcuteria, Garden of Eatin’, The Rail Scratch Cocktails, and Malaysia Cafe.

It looks like they are still building out the restaurant list. For what it’s worth, one owner told me that UberEats charges takes out 30% of the total bill as a charge to the restaurant. Not entirely sure if that holds true for all restaurants but that’s what I heard from one source.

Also UberEats charges $5.99 to the end-user for delivery.

So how does that compare to the other services in town? Let’s do a quick rundown of the three now in Wichita.

Restaurant selection: ~40
Delivery charge: $5.99

Wichita 2 Go
Restaurant selection: 55
Delivery charge: $3.95 + 4% web service fee

Restaurant selection: Unlimited
Delivery charge: $3.99 for 2 miles of travel. Each additional mile is $0.90 + 9% convenience fee will be added to your order total

You can get more information on UberEATS at their website: https://www.ubereats.com

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