Food Truck: Sorrel Jamaican Food Review

Over by Central Standard Brewing and Hyde Park sits Wichita’s newest food truck that likely nobody has heard about. They serve a type of dish you really can’t find around town: Jamaican food. It is run by a man who is the namesake of the food truck and hails from Jamaica. His infectious personality, upbeat attitude and zest for continually saying “Yeah mon!!!!” and “Thank you mon!!!” made for one of the best and most enjoyable food truck visits for me.

Wichita, it’s time to welcome Sorrel and his latest food truck, Sorrel Jamaican Foods to our great fleet of trucks.

Sorrel Jamaican Food

1517 E Hyde Park
Wichita, KS 67211


Monday – Wednesday: 10am – 10pm
Thursday – Sunday: 10am – 2am

Cash/Card Accepted

It was an impromptu visit as I was on my way to Central Standard Brewing. I see what appears to be a food truck about a block away from the brewery. Central Standard commonly has a food truck sitting right in front of their building but this one truck I’ve never seen before. Sorrel Jamaica Foods is parked in a residential area right across the street from Hyde Park. Upon arriving, I was kindly greeted by Sorrel and his family and given the menu to look at:

Sorrel Jamaican Food

In talking with Sorrel, a majority of his menu consisted of items he loved back home like Curry Goat, Brownstew Chicken, and Jerk Chicken. I asked him I’d like to order whatever he recommended or had on hand.

Next thing I know I was receiving Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, Fried Dumplings and the Sorrel Drink.

Sorrel Jamaican Food

Sorrel Jamaican Food

Sorrel Jamaican Food

Sorrel Jamaican Food

The Jerk Chicken was incredible. It was covered in a nice spicy sauce that was just packed with flavor and a nice little kick to it. The Goat Curry was even better. The red beans and rice, slaw and goat all complimented each other so well. It didn’t have that strong of a curry taste to it and made me wish I ordered the large.

The Sorrel drink is a creation of the owner. He told me it was a bit of grape juice, ginger and some other things. It ended up being very refreshing. I’m not the biggest ginger fan in the world and could only taste a small hint of it.

This was a complete surprise visit for me that I did not expect. I’m so glad I just happened to be driving by and observant enough to see it so I could tell all of you. I can’t think of a single place that specializes in just Jamaican food. It’s great to have that variety of different ethnicities of food in Wichita. Sorrel hit a homerun with this food truck.

Add this to the list of trucks to visit soon!

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  1. Oh, I got to get to this place – I’ve always been fascinated by Jamaican food (and I’ve attempted it), but always wondered what the real stuff tastes like. Not sure I can do the curried goat, but I might go for the ackee and saltfish.

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