First Look at the reopened Jacks North Hi Carryout

Jacks North Hi Carryout

A burger restaurant that has had many different owners through the years once again has a new owner and this time, a new concept. Jacks North Hi Carryout reopened over the weekend featuring sliders similar to White Castle and The Cozy Inn.

603 W 13th St
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm
Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash Only

Jacks North Hi Carryout

Jacks North Hi Carryout

The renovated Jacks essentially replaced all of the original equipment, added a patio with more seating, and added a lot more polish to the inside giving it a much cleaner feel. Having been the Jacks many times in the past, it was nice to see the restaurant get the loving touch it deserved.

As for the menu, it includes just sliders if you’re looking for burgers. They also have fries, onion rings, pickle fries, corndogs, and chili. The menu is very basic and simple; allowing you to decide fast.

Jacks North Hi Carryout

On my visit, I ordered some sliders, fries, pickle fries, and chili to get a taste of the variety on the menu.

Jacks North Hi Carryout

Jacks North Hi Carryout

Jacks North Hi Carryout

For starters, the chili was still noticeably cold. There wasn’t much flavor to the chili and it was hard to get over how cold it was. There wasn’t too much to rave about the fries. The pickle fries while delicious were a little too salty but it was hard to stop eating them. All that aside, the purpose of the visit was all about the sliders.

Jacks North Hi Carryout


Jacks North Hi Carryout

Each slider comes with cheese, a pickle, mustard, ketchup and served on a slightly toasted sesame seed bun.

The sliders cost $2.50 a piece. By comparison a slider at White Castle costs 72 cents and at the Cozy Inn it is $1.14. Granted it should be noted after having been to both aforementioned places, the patties are much thicker at Jacks. Even with that, $2.50 is on the higher side for sliders at any restaurant. You can get that price down if you purchase one of the combos or the family packs.

I was impressed with the flavor and quality of the sliders. I had three of them and that looked to be the right amount for lunch. The sesame seed buns made the sliders more filling than compared to a White Castle’s thinly pressed bun.

For those wondering if they still do the Pounda Challenge, that is now over with the change to sliders.

With delicious sliders and a close proximity to North high school and Riverside, they definitely have a built-in clientele. This is currently the only restaurant in town that features sliders. The last place to feature just sliders was Wimpy’s Burgers which was short-lived. Hopefully the future can be brighter for the newly opened Jacks North High Carryout.

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2 thoughts on “First Look at the reopened Jacks North Hi Carryout”

  1. Jack’s has only had 6 owners in the 67 years since it opened in 1951. I wouldn’t call that “many”. It only had two owners from 1951 through 2004. I know, because I owned it from 1972 until December of 2004.

    1. Actually Jacks has had three different owners over the past decade which still constitutes as many. I know this because I know the previous owner very well.

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