Local ramen restaurant featured in USA Today

Yokohama Ramen Joint

It’s always great when local restaurants get some national coverage. Most people outside of Wichita probably don’t think we have our fair share of great restaurants so to get that love is a great thing.

USA Today recently published an article called “A ramen restaurant in each state“. Their goal was to find 50 ramen destinations in each state and the choice for Kansas came down to the guys who started the whole trend in Wichita: Yokohama Ramen Joint.

This is an article USA Today has been working on since October of 2017. I got whim that Yokohama Ramen Joint was being considered and put them in touch with Visit Wichita. We were hopeful they’d make the list because they truly deserve it.

Check out the USA Today article. It’s a great resource especially if you’re like me and love to try new foodie destinations anytime you’re out of town. And you can also read our review of Yokohama Ramen Joint from 2016. If you’re craving some ramen from there, FetchNeighbor offers free delivery from Yokohama.

For more on them, like their Facebook page.

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