Taco Ville offering cheap, fast food tacos in Haysville, KS

Taco Ville

Sometimes all you need is a cheap, quick, greasy taco to get you through the day and that’s what the newest taco restaurant in Haysville, KS hopes to offer. Similar to such shops at Taco Tico and Taco Shop, the new Taco Ville offers a similar affordable fast food menu.

240 N Main St Suite 300
Haysville, KS 67060

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Firday & Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

Taco Ville

You’ve all been to a fast food taco shop. You can expect much of the same at Taco VIlle. With 89 cent crispy tacos to $1.19 soft flour tacos, it’s really what you’d expect from any fast food shop.

Taco Ville

Taco Ville

Taco Ville

Taco Ville

With a convenient drive thru, you can get your food on the go or dine in. The one big difference between Taco Ville and the similar nationwide competition is how clean the inside is. The staff does a great job of cleaning all the tables off once customers leave.

As for the food, don’t expect much difference. The salsa actually tasted very similar to Taco Shop while the food tasted similar to Taco Tico. Remember you can’t go into restaurants like these and expect out of this world tacos. What I received were cheap tasty tacos but very greasy. By tipping over each taco, grease would begin to drip from the end.

One drawback of Taco Ville is if you love condiments, their extra sauce packets aren’t as accessible. If you ask for extra sauce, they give you just one container unless you ask for more.

Otherwise anybody walking into Taco Ville should know what to expect and as long as you keep those expectations realistic, you should be fairly pleased at Taco Ville. If they could limit the amount of grease, the place could be even better.

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