Alondra’s Tacos: From the creators of Mr. Taco comes a new taco stop.

Alondra's Tacos

There’s a particular taco shop that’s regarded by many as some of the best authentic tacos you’ll find in Wichita and that is Mr. Taco on 25th and Arkansas. I was given a heads up that the owners of Mr. Taco decided to move and open his own new restaurant less than six months ago.

Upon going to the new restaurant, it was confirmed that the previous owner has a new place called Alondra’s Tacos. If you love Mr. Taco, this is a place you’ll have to check out soon.

1580 W 21st St
Wichita, KS 67203

Sunday – Tuesday: 11:30am – 10pm
Closed on Wednesday
Thursday: 11:30am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:30am – 3am

Cash Only

You may be familiar with the menu:

Alondra's Tacos

Alondra's Tacos

I ordered a mix of their Buche (pork stomach), Lengua (cow tongue), Tripitas (cow intestines) and Asada (beef steak) with full intention of going back to try the Cabeza (cow head). The tacos are $2 a piece and that includes tax; it’s the perfect sweet spot for your authentic tacos.

The food didn’t take long at all and was served with a red and green salsa.

Alondra's Tacos

Alondra's Tacos

The tacos have plenty of meat loaded on top of the perfectly cooked corn taco shells. It’s also sprinkled with a light amount of onions and a healthy amount of cilantro. If it’s too much, you can always take off as much as you’d like. Once you find that perfect sweet spot of toppings on your taco, it’s game on.

There wasn’t one meat I was unsatisfied with. The tripitas were grilled to right crispy temp. The buche tacos were some of the best I’ve had in town with a nice tender texture to them. It was a similar feeling with the lengua tacos. It wasn’t fatty or greasy by any means. All the fond memories I had from Mr. Taco were transferred over to Alondra’s Tacos.

As for the service, the entire staff there really wanted to make sure every customer that walked in the door left happy. They checked on each customer well after their food was delivered; each person I spoke to were incredibly friendly.

This was a winner of a visit and a place I’ll be returning to soon to introduce friends to. If you’re looking for a tasty affordable taco, this is another one to add into your rotation.

Happy Dining,

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