Our very first trip to AMC Northrock 14

AMC Theatres

Wichita loves new things. Whether it’s a new restaurant or entertainment, we just have this fascination with openings and movie theatres are no different. AMC Northrock 14 which took the place of the old Northrock 14 finally opened Friday. My niece and I booked tickets for the first showing we could Friday morning to get a glimpse of what moviegoers can expect on their first trip.

We covered ticket prices in this blog but the $4.49 price we paid for our 11:30am showing was an incredible value. It was cheaper than many of the dessert shops we stop by around town. All seats are also reserved seating which is the ONLY way to go for a movie these days.

Once you arrive, you can purchase your tickets up front or stop by a kiosk and pick up your pre-purchased tickets. There’s also two lines to get tickets, a regular line and a Premiere Club line. I paid the extra $15 for the Premiere Club which saved me the online convenience fees on tickets.

For more on their rewards program, click here.

There was also a nicely set up bar but unfortunately it wasn’t open at the time. Too bad because I could have used a couple stiff drinks for the movie I was about to endure.

Next up is the concession station. This is where being a Premiere Club member really helps. As you can see in the picture below, everybody is waiting in the right side line. The roped off yellow section to the left is for Premiere Club members. I was able to forego the entire line and get to the front. Aside of the annoyed glares I received from other customers thinking I was cutting in line, it was worth it.

AMC Theatres

From there here’s the menu. Sorry for the picture quality, I didn’t want to hold up other customers taking really nice pictures.

AMC TheatresAMC TheatresAMC TheatresAMC Theatres

We ordered a regular size drink, regular size popcorn and chicken tenders. As a Premiere Club member, our drinks and popcorn were automatically upgraded to larges. Unfortunately as a Premiere Club member, that didn’t mean we would receive our chicken tenders in a timely manner.

There were some first day issues for the concession staff. It took almost 35 minutes for the tenders to be ready. Many customers were complaining about their food not being ready in a timely fashion. The staff there apologized for the issue and said they would deliver the food to our seats when ready. They also threw in free fries and a cookie with it. Still a learning curve and hopefully their food prep system can get better over time.

They also have ICEE as a drink option. My niece went through her ICEE like college kids do shots. I was impressed she survived with no brain freezes. Her parents are probably going to be excited when she gets home with an extreme sugar rush when I publish this review.

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres

After that it was off to the movies. The inside is very Warren like for those that have been downtown or to the Warren 21. Every seat in the house is a leather recliner. Keep in mind, unlike Warren these aren’t heated. This was my niece’s first time being able to sit in a leather recliner at a movie theater. Her reaction was priceless. She felt like royalty.

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres

The screens are all great and it made for enjoyable experience. Aside from the long wait for the chicken tenders and Sherlock Gnomes being one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, we had an awesome time. For what it’s worth, my niece loved the movie and thought it was “super cute” to use her words.

All the accommodations offered by AMC were right up to par with what I expected. Joining the Premiere Club was well worth the $15 so I’ll be back again.

Happy Moving Watching,

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6 thoughts on “Our very first trip to AMC Northrock 14”

  1. Diana Mitchell

    Do you know if this AMC will be part of the MoviePass program? I can’t find a local phone number for them yet.

    1. The news said it would but when I reached out to MoviePass they gave me a generic response that it’s under review.

  2. Thanks for an awesome review of the theater. The pics helped. We are always picky when it comes to seating so seeing this helped. Can’t wait to try it out.

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