Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery: More than just coffee

Earlier this year, Reverie Coffee Roasters moved from their 2611 E Douglas location down the street to 2202 E Douglas in a much larger space. The spacious layout allowed them to include a bakery and bigger kitchen. Admittedly I’m not a coffee drinker but when I heard there was food on the menu, I literally rushed that day to pick up some lunch. That spontaneous decision was well worth it.

2202 E Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67214

Closed on Monday
Tuesday – Saturday: 7am – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Facebook (menu available online)

Card/Cash Accepted

Walking in, I couldn’t help but notice all the pastries on display. While I was strictly there for lunch, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity for more food. So I went with the cranberry orange scone.

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

The menu available here offers a lot of brunch themed options which arguably is the best food to have for lunch. Originally my plan was to order food for myself and co-workers to go but the inside looked so cozy I decided to order my food dine-in and the rest to go. After speaking with the server, she recommended the bangers and mash. Easily persuaded, that’s what I went with. That and my cranberry orange scone.

And good grief, both decisions were phenomenal. My main lunch entrée came with three pork bangers, herbed mashed potatoes, onion gravy and pickled cabbage. It was one of those meals that taste so good, you eat slowly to really appreciate every bite. The mashed potatoes were quite possibly the cleanest and freshest mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. Not sure if the potatoes came from heaven but that’s my guess. The pickled cabbage was a great complimentary side to the bangers and mash as well. Seriously this was one of the best meals I’ve had this year. I’m actually getting hungry thinking about it again.

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

As for the carryout, my coworkers wanted the build your own sandwiches along with the biscuits and gravy. One of them ordered the BYOS with chorizo while another went with the sausage option. For reference these build your own sandwiches come with egg, cheese on ciabatta and a side salad. You can then add chorizo, sausage, banger or bacon for three dollars.

My coworkers felt the sandwich was a little pricey at $9. While the ingredient quality was great and it tasted good, he would have opted for something else. As for the biscuits and gravy, we learned a lesson. Biscuits and gravy are meant to be ordered and eaten on the spot. Do not order to go; it really hurts the quality and makes it a bit more soggy.

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

Reverie Coffee Roasters and Founders Bakery

It was quite obvious the star of the menu was the bangers and mash which is actually what my server even said. It’s a meal you can’t go wrong with. If the rest of the pastries are anything like the cranberry orange scone, that’s also worth the trip alone.

I know Reverie Roasters has their huge following and should be excited for the move with all the additional space inside. The place was packed on my visit. They will soon be getting a liquor license as well giving people another reason to stop by.


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