Taco Tico coming to West Street in April 2018

Taco Tico

Some people have their guilty pleasures and Taco Tico is one of them. If you’re one of those people, there’s some good news coming your way next month.

Taco Tico which has one location in Wichita at 1303 N Tyler Road and other locations outside of Wichita is hoping to have their second Wichita location open in April. They will be at 460 N West Street which may sound familiar because that building used to be a Taco Tico before opening briefly as Angkor Donuts.

The exterior is about done and now they are working on finishing the remodel of the inside. You can stay up to date of the progress at their Facebook page.

Otherwise, here is their drive thru menu so you can start to acquaint yourself with the menu again.

Taco Tico

I look forward to drowning myself in the green chili sauce again.

Happy Dining,

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