The Room Wichita: Exciting escape room now in Delano

The Room

One of my friends and family’s favorite escape rooms have made their big move to the Delano District making it even more accessible to everybody. The new location on west Douglas offers a lot more curb appeal and is now centrally located for all escape rooms fans in town.

Having been at Meridian since 2016, their new address is now 617 W. Douglas. Be sure to Like them on Facebook while you’re reading this blog.


617 W. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67213



Bookings are $20 a person which is one of the best values in town for an escape room. By comparison, prices at We Escape, Entrap Games and Escapology can run you $25-30. The rooms are a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 people. At The Room, you can book the room for just your group. If you don’t fill up all the spots, they do not put random other people with you to fill the room. They are truly private rooms for you to enjoy with your family, friends or coworkers. Children ages 10 and under are free when accompanied by an adult making it an even better value for families.

Currently there are three rooms available:

N.3.R.D.5. – Virus “N.3.R.D.5” has been uploaded into every computer in North America and will activate in 60 minutes. You and your team have 1 hour to decipher the clues and retrieve the security disk that will deactivate the virus before its uploaded.

Ava Flambeau’s House of Voodoo – You are in the inner sanctum of Ava Flambeaux’s House of Voodoo. Miss Ava Flambeaux is one of America’s oldest practicing Voodoo Queens. Miss Flambeaux has placed a curse on one of your beloved family members through a Voodoo Doll that’s locked away in her safe. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues, swap the doll and exit the room before Ava returns and places a curse on you!

The Eccentric Millionaire – If you haven’t already heard, Mr. Cowl Von Smith has passed away. Mr. Smith was one of America’s most eccentric millionaires and loved puzzles and challenges. In meeting with his final wishes, you have been given the opportunity to take his inheritance. Inside the safe is the deed to all Mr. Smith’s fortune. You have one hour to retrieve the envelope and leave the room before Mr. Smith’s relatives arrive with the police for the contents of the safe.

My family and friends tried all three rooms this week and just loved our experience there. We won’t give anything away in terms of what’s in the rooms as that would ruin the fun. As for our favorite of the three rooms, it was N.3.R.D.5.

You have 60 minutes to escape the rooms. If you like The Room on Facebook, they will give you a free clue if you need one. After that you are given as many clues as you want. Each time you ask for a clue though, you will have 5 minutes added to your final time. So if you complete your room in forty minutes but ask for two clues, your final time is 50 minutes.

Compared to other escape rooms in town, The Room is definitely one of the better ones and on the list of suggestions I always give to people when looking for an option. Whether it’s the great value or the fact that kids under 10 are able to join for free, it’s such a great place.

The customer service there is also some of the best you’ll find. We’ve been to some places where they just toss us into a room and that’s it. They don’t care for our experience or anything, it’s not like this at The Room at all. They are always focused on making sure everybody is enjoying it.

This is one of the places we will always check out when they have a new room open. We look forward to going back soon! If you go, be sure to tell them Wichita By E.B. sent you!

Happy Escaping!

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