Ziggy’s Pizza of the Month: Philly Cheese Steak

Ziggy's Pizza
March has arrived which brings a new pizza of the month at Ziggy’s!

Ziggy’s Pizza’s newest creation brings a taste of Philly on to a pizza. By combining tender slices of steak, onion, green & red peppers and mozzarella on their cream cheese sauce, they bring you the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza for $13.99. You can also order it with or without the traditional Cheese Whiz drizzle over the top.

My friends and I gave this a try twice, once without the Cheese Whiz and once with it. During Ziggy’s taste tests, people were very split on whether to add it on or not. In the trials my friends and I had, adding the Cheese Whiz was a no brainer for us. Without it, it felt sort of like a Classic Ziggy but with a different sauce. Adding the Cheese Whiz though really gave it that Philly Cheese Steak appeal.

One of my friends went as far as to say it was the best pizza he’s ever had at Ziggy’s (with the Cheese Whiz) and that he was almost tempted to start adding Cheese Whiz on every single pizza he orders at Ziggy’s moving forward. Of the three pizzas of the month offerings so far, this was our favorite of them all. It’s one of those pizzas you can continue eating and eating well beyond the point you are full.

Check this one out for sure while you can in the month of March.

Ziggy's Pizza

Ziggys has two locations:
3700 E Douglas (Clifton Square)
12115 E 21st N (The Collective)

Check both sites out on Facebook.

Ziggy's Pizza


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