Is a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen coming to West Wichita?


One restaurant that’s really popular out east for their affordable menu prices could be opening a second location in West Wichita.

With the Palace West theater being redeveloped, it’s one of Wichita’s least kept secrets that a Cracker Barrel could be making their way to Taft & Ridge Road. The area of town near Kellogg and Ridge Road has already become a hotbed for national chains which include Rib Crib, Abuelo’s, Twin Peaks, Carlos O’Kelly’s, Golden Corral, and Applebee’s.

Nothing’s been confirmed for Cracker Barrel but it’s now rumored that a Cheddar’s could also be going in the same development. The east side location has done very well and with how popular chain restaurants have been at the Kellogg and Ridge area, I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t succeed out west either.

There’s been no official comment from Cheddar’s but keep an eye out for more on this story.

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