Mr. Taco revisited: Does new ownership affect quality?

Mr. Taco

Small little taco stands which aren’t in nicer segments of Wichita aren’t covered by the news much so most people probably didn’t know that Mr. Taco underwent new ownership late in 2017. The previous owners of Mr. Taco left and started Alondra’s Tacos. Sometimes with new ownership in a restaurant or even a movie theatre, there’s a big change in quality and service (Are you reading this Regal Entertainment?). So my friends and I returned to Mr. Taco to see if one of our favorite taco spots still had the magic.

711 W 25th St N
Wichita, KS 67204

Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 3am


Cash Only

Much different from our 2015 review is their new updated menu no longer using the 105 AD technology of paper. It’s all displayed on a bright monitor for everyone to see. Granted it’s been a little while since my last visit to Mr. Taco but since 2015, prices did go up minimally on all items.

Mr. Taco

For this visit, my friends and I ordered an assortment of different tacos, tortas and burritos. We ordered nearly all the different meat options from buche to lengua to asada to tripa.

Mr. Taco

Mr. Taco

Mr. Taco

Mr. Taco

This was my friends first experience with buche (pork stomach) and they loved it. The texture and flavor were everything they wanted in a meat option for a taco. Everybody kept raving about the quality of the tortilla. It wasn’t too starchy and did an amazing job of keeping the taco in tact. One of my friends went on to say it was possibly the best tortilla he’s ever had. After that, it was mostly silence at the table which is always a good thing as everybody’s too busy enjoying their food to talk. There wasn’t a single meat option that anybody was underwhelmed by. At $1.90 a piece, the price is just right as well. Usually anything $2 and under is great for a little street taco. When places start charging $2.50 or more, it should only be because of high overhead like rent at a nicer place or in a food truck where food costs are higher.

The salsas were delicious as well. Mr. Taco supplies you with both red and green salsas with different levels of heat. We thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

The disappointments though were in the burritos and tortas. They didn’t quite compare to some of the other options in town.

If you’re looking to dine in, there’s a small patio outside but most people there go there strictly for carry out. Otherwise we didn’t see much of a quality difference when it came to the tacos. They were still delicious as ever and worthy of staying in our top five tacos in Wichita which is a blog that should be coming up in the near future.

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