Must Try Menu Item: Hot Stone Korean Grill’s Bento Boxes

For three years now, we’ve had a little feature at Wichita By E.B. called “Must Try Menu Item” where we go over a particular menu item that you should try at least once.

For this edition of the Must Try Menu Item, we head over to Hot Stone Korean Grill at 37th and Rock. They are a frequent lunch stop for me and many of my friends and colleagues. One of our favorites on their menu are the lunch bento boxes.

Hot Stone Korean Grill
Spicy Shrimp

Each box comes with rice and the meat of your choice along with korean pancakes (tempura vegetable), cooked bean sprouts, and a small salad. You can upgrade your rice to fried rice for two additional dollars. Your meat choices are endless ranging from beef bulgogi to spicy pork to tofu teriyaki to plenty others. The prices range from $7.45 – $11.95 which are very reasonable for lunch. Extra meat is also $2 if you’re really wanting to grub.

Hot Stone Korean Grill

My friends and I often go with items from the Korean Dishes section with the bulgogi meals or the Spicy World section.

This is probably a meal two of my good friends and I have twice a month. One friend loves going there for the lunch menu. She loves spicy food, so she always gets the spicy chicken bento box and it never lets her down. The chicken is always tender and flavor is just right while not being too spicy. The bento box comes with the spicy chicken, rice, bean sprouts salad, Korean pancake and small salad in a soy and ginger dressing. The portion is just right, but sometimes she has leftovers to take home which is a big win!

My other friend goes with the beef bulgogi. It’s one of her go to selections at Hot Stone and according to her always very flavorful.

I always go with the spicy beef, chicken or pork and it’s never a letdown. Sometimes I’ll change it up and get the spicy squid or shrimp which is good for a change of pace if you’re wanting to go the seafood route.

Hot Stone Korean Grill
Beef Bulgogi
Hot Stone Korean Grill
Spicy Chicken

To top it off, the service is already great, very attentive, timely and polite. We all highly recommend these bento boxes. This is one of the best Korean restaurants in town by far!

3743 N Rock Road Ste 100
Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm; 5-9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

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