Puzzle Plex has moved in Derby: Same fun, new location

Puzzle Plex

Opting to say in Derby, Puzzle Plex has recently moved to a new at 301 E Madison Avenue. The new location has given them more space along with adding a new gaming/conference room that is currently in the works.

301 E Madison Avenue
Derby, KS 67037



More recently, Puzzle Plex opened up their new room escape called: The Boring Life of Ralph: That Guy You Sorta Know From Work.

Room Description:
Ralph. He’s that guy at work who usually keeps to himself. He’s kinda awkward, but he’s nice enough. He’s the type that always seems to be somewhere else in his head. Today, you and a few coworkers received invitations to come to movie night at Ralph’s place. You don’t know much about him, but you know he’s got an awesome collection of comic books and super hero memorabilia, so you figure what have you got to lose?

The new room is advertised as perfect for beginners but still has enough for veterans to have a great time. The room comes in at a 4/10 on the difficulty scale. For those of you who have done many rooms around town, it’s a bit on the easy side but there are some really positive things to the room. The puzzles to the room are still unique and different. What I liked about it was the room had enough puzzles that you can break up into smaller groups and work on different puzzles at the same time. We often go in groups of six so sometimes some people are left standing around waiting for a puzzle to be figured out. In the Boring Life of Ralph, we found ourselves splitting up and handling different items which kept us all occupied at the same time. For beginners, I think you will really love this room.

Bookings are $28 for groups of 2-3, $24 for groups of 4-5, and $22 for groups of 6. If you book on Wednesday or Thursday, they have $2 off bookings. That special can be found on their website as well as our Events and Specials page which is under construction but active right now.

Puzzle Plex always does a great job and their new room is no different. They are indeed one of the best in town. As real avid fans of escape rooms, they are always a go to for us when a new room is available. They also have plans for a new room that should be exciting for families. I’ll let them announce it when they are ready but stay tuned!

If you go, be sure to tell them Wichita By E.B. sent you!

This new location has been added to our Complete Guide to Room Escapes in Wichita.

Happy Escaping!

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