Restaurant offering some of the best pizzas on the south side of town

When it comes to pizzas, it seems as though the best offerings are to be found north of Kellogg. But there’s one restaurant looking to break the mold and offer south-siders and those willing to make a small little drive some delicious pie; they are the Angry Elephant.

2959 S Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67216

Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday: 2pm – 8:30pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

The Angry Elephant is a BBQ joint located on south Hillside. They opened last year and looks to have finalized their menu over the past few months. While many people flock to them for their barbecue, I noticed they serve pizza and just had to try it.

On their menu, there were two pizzas that caught my eye; their BBQ Style Pizza and their Cajun Chicken & Bacon Pizza both priced at $14.49.

Here’s a description of each pizza:
BBQ Style Pizza: “BBQ Style” Our house BBQ sauce topped with Brisket, Chicken, Pork & Smoked Gouda. Pizzas are smoked on our Yoder pellet smoker until golden brown!

Cajun Chicken & Bacon Pizza: Our House Cajun Alfredo sauce topped with cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, penne pasta noodles, and smoked Gouda. Smoked in our Smoker until golden brown!

Don’t those sound wonderful? I called my order in for carry out. You’ll want to give them a heads up about an hour ahead of time. I called my order in around 7:05pm and it wasn’t ready until shortly after 8pm. They even handed me my order without asking to pay. After reminding them that I did not pay over the phone, they ran my card and I was off to eat. The worst part was the drive home. Having to smell those pizzas was brutal. I contemplated pulling over to the side of the road to sneak a slice in.

I’m not sure which pizza I liked more. Both were really tasty and wonderful. My friends Damon and Darin really liked the BBQ Style Pizza more as the toppings consisted of a who’s who of BBQ favorites like brisket and pork.  There was a delicious smokey flavor to the meat that really stood out. Having their house BBQ sauce drizzled over the top just made it even better.

And if you’ve never had “cajun alfredo sauce” before, this is a must try. It had a very small minor kick to it but enough to really pack a lot of flavor. The texture was similar to a mac & cheese pizza but ten times more flavorful.

The going rate for specialty pizzas like this at restaurants is usually in the $12-15 range so the price tag of $14.49 is right on par. For the quality alone, it’s worth it.

For an area of town that’s filled with taco stands and Asian restaurants, it’s nice to see some food that’s different from the norm there. Any pie fan should certainly give these a try.

Happy Dining,

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