Tacos Lopez Review: Proving not all tacos are created equally

Tacos Lopez

Over on West street, sits a fast food Mexican restaurant known as Tacos Lopez. This was referred to me by a reader so I wanted to make sure I give this a try as I’ve been on quite the Mexican food kick lately.

795 N West St.
Wichita, KS 67203

Sunday – Wednesday: 6am – 2am
Thursday: 6am – 12am
Friday – Saturday: Open 24 hours


Cash/Card Accepted

Tacos Lopez much of the same standard Mexican fare you find at other similar restaurants open late or 24 hours a day. For the purposes of this visit, we stuck strictly with just tacos.

Tacos Lopez

If you’re a big fan of trying different salsas, you may like Tacos Lopez. They have five different ones to choose from, ranging in all different levels of spiciness. Beware that the hottest one will tear you up!

Tacos Lopez

We ordered a plethora of different protein options consisting of chicken, adobada, tripas, carnitas, shrimp and fish. Here’s a sampling of what it all looked like.

Tacos Lopez

Tacos Lopez

Tacos Lopez

The very first noticeable thing that stuck out on the tacos were the tortillas. They were very dry and starchy. Tortillas can really make a break a taco and at Tacos Lopez, it was not up to par with some of the best in town. While Tacos Lopez was very generous on all the meats, only the abodaba stuck out as being well seasoned and tasty. The rest of the meats were not flavorful and required an assortment of different salsas to make them better. I’m a big fan of tripas tacos and found the tripe to be tough and overly chewy. It was to the point I didn’t even finish my tripas tacos…….$2.50 down the drain there. As for the chicken tacos, be prepared to add a lot of sauce. Overall it was very underwhelming.

If you like lettuce, you’ll love the fish and shrimp tacos. The ratio of toppings to fish and shrimp was extremely off. For how much meat were on the other tacos, I was disappointed with the amount of shrimp in my taco.

Unfortunately you can’t win them all. I’m sure there are plenty of Tacos Lopez fans out there but for us it just missed the spot.

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Tacos Lopez Review: Proving not all tacos are created equally”

  1. thank you for that was thinking about trying them. my favorite is still taco tico im old school and also love the taco place on seneca it moved frim harry and seneca to the old taco tico building on seneca. the best just dont like the sauce.

  2. Dustin L Hopper

    I went to Taco Lopez ONCE. I ordered a plate of food that contained tiny pebbles or rocks in the food itself. The strange thing is it was in more than one item on the plate. I took it back and they asked me if I would like to order another plate or get a refund. I got my refund and have never returned there. It’s the first and only establishment that I’ve ever had rocks in my food.

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