Tortilleria Rodriguez Review: fresh tortillas made everyday

Tortilleria Rodriguez

There is a small little Mexican restaurant that pumps out hundreds of fresh corn and flour tortillas they make on site everyday. It’s locally owned by a family that works hard churning out the foundation that is known as a taco, a burrito, a gordita, you name it. They are Tortilleria Rodriguez.

Tortilleria Rodriguez

1859 N Waco
Wichita, KS 67203

Closed on Monday
Tuesday – Saturday: 8am – 7pm
Sunday: 8am – 5pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The menu at Tortilleria Rodriguez is similar to what you can find at many small street taco shops in town: tacos, tortas, carnitas, burritos but they also have other dishes like chillaquiles. Even though not pictured on the menu, they sell gorditas as well. There’s also have plenty of different meat options available to choose from.

Tortilleria Rodriguez

Tortilleria Rodriguez

For my visit, my colleagues and I ordered many different dishes from the chillaquiles, tacos, burritos, gorditas and tortas. We went a variety of different meat options but made sure to order chile verde and chile rojo as meat options at the recommendation of one lady I work with.

If you have a good sized order, you’ll want to call ahead. The staff there was not prepared for us so our meal took a long time from order to finish. They advised us if we ever do a pick up to just call in the morning and it’ll be ready whenever we would like.

Tortilleria Rodriguez

Tortilleria Rodriguez

Tortilleria Rodriguez

Tortilleria Rodriguez

Tortilleria Rodriguez

For starters, the most disappointing item we had were the tacos. It was simply just the tortilla and the meat; nothing else to it. The tortilla quality was excellent but it was a lazy attempt that could have used at the very least some onions or cilantro. Fortunately the salsa supplied gave it a little something extra but it wasn’t enough to make it a top-notch taco.

As for everything else, it was wonderful. The chillaquilles wasn’t overly cheesy, doused in plenty of red sauce and had plenty of sliced of tortillas that would fill any appetite. The tortas were also filling and delicious. One of the tortas I was able to try was stuffed with well seasoned asada, I had to stop myself worried I wouldn’t be able to eat the rest of my lunch.

One of the true prizes of Tortilleria Rodriguez is the gorditas. I’m not sure why it’s missing from the menu but this is something everyone should try at least once. I had the chili verde and chili rojo gorditas as recommended and they were truly wonderful. Each meat option packed a little bit of heat just to give it that extra kick. I regretted only ordering two gorditas as I should have ordered some extras for dinner later. What made every meal was really the quality of tortillas. They made such a huge difference. You’ll notice it when you’re out and about eating street tacos; the tortillas can really make or break a meal as you’ll find out in a future review we have coming soon.

While there was a long wait for my food, the smell of fresh tortillas being made and the kind ladies working that afternoon were so pleasant and nice. I also bought a bag of chicharrónes to snack on. They make their own on site and were some of the best I’ve had.

I should also note seating is very limited to nearly non-existent inside. There’s one (maybe two) tables available inside.

Next time, I’m definitely going to call in my order and ask for more gorditas.

Happy Dining,

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