Wheat Street Dogs

The newest food vendor will hit the streets on Sunday May 6th at Firefly’s Farm Produce’s Farmer’s Market at 15615 E 21st St N from 1 to 3pm.

Wheat Street Dogs makes their debut and has set out to be something different. They will be selling handcrafted meat free vegan hot dogs and sausages featuring recipes using wheat gluten and soy. All the recipes used are their own.

They chose to start the hot dog cart because they couldn’t find a plant based hot dog option in town. Although I’m not a vegan, I love good delicious food and am highly excited to try these.

If you’re interested in seeing their opening day menu, they have it posted on their website: wheatstreetdogs.com.

I did a quick glance at their menu and they have some delicious sounding offerings like:

Wheat Street Ball Park Dog: Take me out to the ball park! Our flagship dog. Handcrafted meat free dog served on a locally made toasted bun. Your choice of condiments including mustard, ketchup, onions, jalapeno, sweet relish and kraut.

Wheat Street Coney Island Dog: Our take on the King of hot dog royalty. Handcrafted meat free dog on a locally made toasted bun. Served with our housemade sweet and spicy TVP chili, chopped onions and mustard. (Note: this won’t be available opening day)

Wheat Street BBQ Dog: Who doesn’t love BBQ? Handcrafted meat free dog on a toasted bun. Topped with our housemade spicy chipotle barbecue sauce and tangy Carolina slaw.

Wheat Street Chili Cheeze Dog: Chili Cheezy/ Cheezy Chili. Handcrafted meat free dog on a locally made toasted bun. Smothered in housemade TVP Chili and topped with our housemade vegan Cheeze Sauce. (Note: this won’t be available opening day)

and the item I’ll definitely be trying:
Wheat Street Banh Mi Dog: The traditional Vietnamese sandwich served up as a hot dog. Handcrafted meat free dog on a locally made toasted bun. Served with pickled daikon and carrots, sriracha mayo, hoisin, cucumber and jalapeno slices, topped with cilantro.

Then they also have chili and anybody that knows me, knows it’s hard for me to turn down a bowl of chili.

If my schedule allows, I’ll be checking Wheat Street Dogs as should you. Looking forward to supporting another local food vendor that has done something to set themselves apart from the rest. Since I’m not a vegan, I may have to reach out to some of my vegan friends to have them join me and let me know it it tastes as well.

Don’t forget to Like them on Facebook to stay up to date on where they’ll be at next.

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