Another restaurant now offering quick lunch buffet with sushi

Some of you may be familiar with Jacky Chan Sushi. They are a restaurant that is located at the northwest corner of Harry and Rock. They have a large menu that consists of sushi, stir fry items, noodles dishes, pho and so much more.  In an attempt to draw a bigger lunch crowd, Jacky Chan Suhi has started offering a quick-lunch buffet that consists of sushi and stir fried items. Only offered during the weekday at lunch, they hope this will meet the demands of people who want sushi and not have to wait long periods of time.

7820 E. Harry St
Wichita, KS 67207

Buffet offered Tuesday – Friday 11am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The buffet runs $10.99 a person. Here are some pictures of what you can find on the buffet. It’s a limited but good amount of options to choose from.

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

I stopped by last week with my mother who was trying out Jacky Chan for her first time. I should preface this by saying my mom has this odd love for Asian buffets so it made sense for me to bring her. We arrived right when they opened so everything was fresh. In our experiences with any type of buffet, you definitely want to avoid the dead periods where food has a chance of sitting out for long periods of time.

We tried little bits of everything and my mother was very impressed. She mentioned over and over and over and once again over how much she liked it and how good the quality was compared to other buffet visits. She liked the limited amount and how they focused on quality and not quantity. Then she mentioned again how much she liked it. Keep in mind, she’s a hard lady to please when dining out. When she dislikes any Asian restaurant we attend, she has no problems voicing her displeasure.

I too had no problems with the buffet at all. The noodle dishes were fantastic and while the sushi rolls were all fairly basic, we found great value in the $10.99 price for lunch. One thing of note was that all the sushi wasn’t ready right at 11am; it took around thirty minutes for all the sushi to finally make it out to the buffet line.

The people there were friendly and it gave my mother a chance to talk with the staff there in her native language. I’m guessing she told them how much she liked it too. All in all it was a delicious lunch for the both of us and one my mother noted she would be soon introducing the restaurant to my father. Thumbs up from my family.

Please note their new hours are Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday: 11am – 9pm. Friday & Saturday: 11am – 11pm and closed on Monday.

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