Food Truck: Lumpia Lady Review

Lumpia Lady
Last year, Wichita saw its second lumpia truck arrive to the food truck scene. Lumpia Lady, which as you guessed, serves authentic Filipino lumpia can often be found at many events around town. We finally made our way over the weekend to give this a try.



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The difference between Lumpia Lady and LumpiaPalooza is that Lumpia Lady focused more on the traditional authentic lumpia. They are very similar to eggrolls and made with spring roll wrappers and filled with ground beef, shredded carrots, green onions, and a blend of Filipino spices. The lumpia is then deep-fried and served with sweet chile sauce for dipping.

Lumpia Lady sells six for five dollars. Coming out fried fresh, they are a bit greasy as one may expect. I’ve had traditional lumpia before and this tasted no differently than my last memory of it. Not one filling overtook the other and the texture and consistency were spot on.

If you’re really hungry, you’ll need quite a few of these to fill up. I would recommend these as more of a snack if you spot them at a food truck event around town.

Lumpia Lady



If you want to order more food, there’s more on the menu such as fried rice and nachos to try.

Lumpia Lady

The price was just right for our six lumpia, the service was extremely quick and the people there were friendly. This is the perfect type of truck at any food truck event as it’s a good filler in between some of the heavier foods one may try going from truck to truck.

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