Food Truck: Manny’s Mexi-Kan Kitchen Review

Manny's Mexi-Kan Kitchen
Pretty much seven days a week, you’ll find a bright red and vibrant food truck parked around Derby, KS. It’s honestly one of best designed trucks I’ve seen in the food truck scene. Everything from the logo to the color scheme plays off very well. Most days you’ll find them on Johnson Drive right by Atwoods. Of course I’m talking about Manny’s Mexi-Kan Kitchen.

1900 Johnson Drive
Derby, KS 67037


Cash/Card Accepted

The menu on their Facebook page is a little outdated and their website doesn’t seem to be working so I snapped some pictures I could of their menu. Excuse the picture quality as it was night-time.

By the time we arrive around 9pm, many items like quesadillas, burritos and some tacos were all out. We ended up ordering some of their jerk tacos, pork green chile taco, the puffy taco and a Sonoran hot dog which was on special that evening.

Manny's Mexi-Kan Kitchen

Manny's Mexi-Kan Kitchen


Manny's Mexi-Kan Kitchen
Puffy Taco and the Sonoran Hot Dog

If you love cheese and fried tacos, the puffy taco is likely for you. It’s one of their most popular tacos on the menu. You won’t leave hungry.

Just looking at the Puffy, we noticed that Manny’s Mexi-Kan Kitchen was extremely generous with the amount of meat and toppings included on all of their dishes.  The Sonoran Hot Dog was loaded with all sorts of different toppings that meshed well together but the hot dog quality was lacking. It tasted similar to a discount hot dog often found at a friend’s barbecue.

Between the Jerk Taco and the Pork Green Chile Taco, my friend and I though the latter to be the better of the two. The chicken in the Jerk Taco didn’t provide much flavor and was dry. Meanwhile the Pork Green Chile Taco was well seasoned and ended up being a better compliment to the avocado crema, pico and queso fresco that it was topped with. With how big their tacos are, two should be plenty to leave you satisfied.

After our dinner, my friend and I just felt a little underwhelmed by our visit to Manny’s Mexi-Kan Kitchen. The prices were pretty comparable to other food trucks at the truck events in town. The service was friendly even though there were some minor issues with our ordering. The time it took to get our food was fair as well. It’s just that the food left us craving a little more. They were certainly one of those trucks we wanted to like but couldn’t get there.

Judging from reviews, they have their fans and do well for themselves. But we all have our own unique taste buds and this visit was more of a miss than a win for us.

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