The North Shore Shave Ice Review

North Shore Shave Ice

Wichita is finally getting some decent weather which means it’s time for more ventures around town to get our fill of shave ice. On our latest adventure, we headed out to the 37th and Woodlawn area to try the North Shore Shave Ice.

6505 E. 37th St. N
Wichita, KS 67226

Friday: 5pm – 8:30pm
Saturday: 12pm – 4pm
Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
They extend their hours during the summer. Be sure to check out their Facebook before.


Cash/Card Accepted

At the North Shore Shave Ice, they have 27 different flavors to choose from as well as a list of popular combos and sugar free options. Many of the popular favorites you see at many other trucks can also be found at North Shore.

North Shore Shave Ice

North Shore Shave Ice

They offer three different sizes in two different cups. One is a regular styrofoam cup and another is a plastic flower cup both which hold roughly the same size. The flower cups are more visually appealing and the styrofoam cups keep shave ice cooler a bit longer.

North Shore Shave Ice

For our visit we opted for two regular cups and two flower cups. The girls chose wedding cake, cotton candy and blue raspberry while I went with the root beer. This was one trip, I wasn’t going to just let them partake in the fun alone.

Each shave ice came with a little mini umbrella that the girls decided to keep. I really hope they realize the mini umbrellas won’t actually work in the rain.

North Shore Shave Ice

The texture of the shave ice was extremely soft. It was the first thing we all noticed. It was almost as if it was made with clouds than ice.

Of all the flavors we had, the girls liked the root beer which meant I was forced to give up my choice of shave ice to them. Blue raspberry was also a big favorite. I could tell given how blue their mouths were.

At North Shore, they also have a little table to sit at if you want to enjoy your shave ice right there which we did. It was a great time hanging out and enjoying our cool treats. The girls were trying to do the flossin/backpack kid dance and struggling so the owner’s son came out and helped them out. It was a cool little gesture that the girls enjoyed. Everybody at the truck was extremely nice and just made for an even better time at North Shore.

Our entire trip there was worthwhile and one we would recommend to everybody.

North Shore Shave Ice

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