Berneal’s Carryout: Home of the 99-cent Cheeseburger

Berneal's Carryout LLC

Everybody loves a good deal and one of my friends came across a place that sells 99-cent cheeseburgers. It’s a restaurant not a single one of my friends or colleagues have heard of. So that of course meant, we would have to give them a try. Our latest review brings us to Berneal’s Carryout over at the 13th and Grove.

2403 E 13th St N
Wichita, KS 67214

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted (Card transactions on purchases of $5 or more)

They are called Berneal’s “Carryout” for a reason. There isn’t much seating inside with most of it being chairs lined up against the walls. The menu can also be found along the back wall.

Berneal's Carryout LLC

There’s burgers, chicken sandwiches and wings, catfish and an assortment of fried sides to choose from. When you arrive, do NOT order until you are ready. There’s even a sign to warn you. It was almost like I was at Bomber Burger.

Berneal's Carryout LLC

I made sure I took my sweet time perfecting my order so I wouldn’t waste anybody’s time; I simply just ordered cheeseburgers. It took maybe 5-10 minutes for my order to be finished and then I was out the door.

Each cheeseburger came wrapped in foil.

Berneal's Carryout LLC

The burgers are slightly bigger than a slider. Everybody ordered around 2-3 burgers each.

First comment from everybody was regarding the bun as they were fairly soggy and didn’t do much to enhance the burger. All burgers were about what you’d expect for a dollar. They didn’t exactly wow us but we also weren’t disappointed. Comments ranged from “they were about average” to “hey, these aren’t too bad”.

All burgers came with cheese, pickles and grilled onions. The amount of pickles and grilled onions varied greatly from burger to burger. Personally, I had three and that was plenty. It was a three dollar lunch that left me satisfied for the remainder of the day.

Berneal's Carryout LLC

Berneal's Carryout LLC

For value, the dollar price was great for the cheeseburger. The quality won’t blow you away but it’ll leave you satisfied as well. Despite the sign asking you to have your order ready, don’t be worried about the people there. I briefly chatted with a couple of the guys in the back and they were incredibly friendly.

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