Bibimbap n’ Go: Bringing Korean fare to the Wichita food truck scene

Bibimbap n' Go

For as big of an Asian food scene in Wichita, we seem to lack a number of food trucks to match. Bibimbap n’ Go, which debuted in April, is just one of a few that focused on Korean fusion fare. While parked outside Central Standard Brewing, we stopped by over the weekend to get a taste of some of our favorite dishes.


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The menu at Bibimbap n’ Go keeps it very simple. They have four different dishes on the menu. There’s bibimbap with your choice of beef or chicken, there’s bulgogi with beef or chicken, there’s kimbap or as some people call it “Korean sushi” and then there’s spicy Korean chicken wings.

I was in charge of the food run that evening and ordered beef bibimbap, chicken bulgogi and kimbap.

Bibimbap n' Go

The order did not take long at all to make. One of my favorite parts of the order was that they placed everything in high quality to go containers that were safe to microwave in. It’s a small nice touch that some people may not notice. It shows me they spared no expense and focused on quality in all aspects.

Bibimbap n' Go
Kimbap: beef bulgogi, rice, carrots, spinach, pickled radish & omelet egg rolled in seaweed
Bibimbap n' Go
Chicken Bulgogi
Bibimbap n' Go
Bibimbap: beef, carrots, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, kimchi, gochujang sauce, and fried egg
Bibimbap n' Go
Complimentary kimchi

For those wondering, the complimentary kimchi was not made in house. I can only imagine how much time and effort that’d be for a food truck. Instead it’s supplied by KC’s Oriental Food Mrket on south Woodlawn. I’ve never been to the market there and might have to now. The kimchi was tasty and provided a nice bit of heat I’ve rarely seen in kimchi. I was told they also have a different assortment of kimchi at that Korean market.

As for the rest of the dishes, my family really loved it all. We were worried that the chicken bulgogi wouldn’t be great as it looked bland at the initial look but the chicken was well seasoned and they didn’t mess up the steamed rice at all. It had the perfect soft texture that should be provided in any bowl of steamed rice. The bibimbap and kimbap dishes were also worth every penny. Kimbap is one of my favorite appetizers to order at any Korean restaurant and theirs were on par with all the other great offerings around town. The bibimbap was filling and provided such a great mix of ingredients that all complimented each other. Their gochujang sauce (I probably butchered that word) added a sweet yet savory kick to the dish.

All in all, it was very delicious and a truck we would go to again in a heartbeat. It’s all also very affordable with no single item costing over $10. The family working the truck were extremely friendly and engaging. It was fun chatting with them briefly about Korean food in general.

It’s nice to see more variety among the food truck scene in Wichita. Variety is exactly what Bibimbap n’ Go brings to the table and worth your visit. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be at next.

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