First Look at Cowboy Chicken: Wood Fire Rotisserie

Cowboy Chicken

The newest chicken establishment opened their doors Wednesday morning. Cowboy Chicken which specializes in wood fired rotisserie chicken is located in the Northrock area in the same strip center as PepperJax Grill. We stopped in Wednesday evening to get our first impressions. This was no small visit either. After a quick little text to friends and family, what originally was going to be a visit with just a friend and I turned into a visit with over a dozen friends and family all wanting to be a part of our latest review.

3130 N. Rock Road Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67206

Open Daily: 11am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

At first glance when walking in, the 3,200 square feet location is bigger than one would have thought.

The ordering process is very simple. You get in line at the south end of the building, order your food, take your number and servers bring the food to your table.

Cowboy Chicken

Here’s the menu along with their daily lunch special.

Cowboy Chicken Cowboy Chicken

After you order your food, you can watch all their chicken being cooked. The kids loved this.

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

Between the fifteen of us who stopped by, we ordered an assortment of different items on the menu. Since their half chicken was on special that evening, a majority of the people ordered it. While some others went with different sides along with the enchiladas, chicken drumsticks and tortilla soup.

The wait times for food was as expected. It was actually faster than we thought given it was an opening night and the place was busy.

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken

Let’s go ahead and start off with the rotisserie chicken as that is what a majority of people will order. We weren’t sure what to expect from this restaurant but after the first bite literally everybody in the group was impressed. My sister-in-law and cousin said the chicken was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. The skin was extremely delicious with the chicken being very juicy, succulent and flavorful. There were some picky and hard to please eaters in our group and they were surprised which is sometimes a hard thing to do.

The one major drawback of the meal were the sides. Some people tried the twice baked potaters, green beans, okra, beans and felt most of it was either salty, bland and flavorless. There wasn’t one side anybody was really pleased with.

One friend loved the drumsticks and had similar sentiments about them as we did the rotisserie chicken. “I would definitely come back” was the direct quote. And the enchiladas and tortilla soup were given average to slightly above average reviews.

For the main dishes, it was all mostly positive with the criticism coming the way of the sides. My family said they would go back again as well and stick with the rotisserie chicken. At least half of the group said they would choose Cowboy Chicken over such places as Slim Chickens or Chick N Max even though those places serve different types of chicken.

Lastly, some of us ordered the peach cobbler. If you love peach cobbler, you’ll really enjoy Cowboy Chicken.

Cowboy Chicken

For what is going to be a major run of chicken restaurants in 2018, we kept our expectations low and were impressed with Cowboy Chicken. It’s a place we will likely be going to again.

Happy Dining,

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