Food Truck: B.S. Sandwich Press Review

BS Sandwich Press

Six years ago a big influx of food trucks came to Wichita and one of those was B.S. Sandwich Press. The very first time I had their panini and thought it was fantastic. It’s been over six years since I last had their food and figured they were due for an official review.


316-494-3735 (Call and text to head orders are welcome)

Cash/Card Accepted

B.S. Sandwich Press was parked at the Wichita State Food Truck Plaza. My friend and i stopped by after checking out their menu which sounded delicious.

BS Sandwich Press

BS Sandwich Press

For lunch I ordered the B.L.F.G.T. (bacon, greens, fried green tomatoes, swiss cheese, garlic aioli on Texas toasted brushed in olive oil and grilled) and crinkle fries. My friend went with the Pesto Panini (mesquite-smoked turkey, basil, pesto, garlic aioli, smoked provolone, baby spinach, tomatoes on a french bread hoagie, brushed in olive oil and grilled).

While B.S. Sandwich Press allows you to call and text your order in, I always like to see how long it takes trucks to get orders out on the spot. It maybe took around seven minutes for our food to arrive which is great timing for a truck.

BS Sandwich Press

BS Sandwich Press

First couple bites in and we were highly impressed with our sandwiches. For me the garlic aioli, bacon and the fried green tomatoes made for a fabulous combination and an excellent lunch. The texas toast was an excellent choice for the sandwich which kept everything in tact perfectly. I really don’t order sandwiches often from restaurants or food trucks so to enjoy it and consider ordering it again was a big positive in my book. My friend liked her pesto panini as well. She mentioned it wasn’t anything overly special. To her it was just a turkey sandwich with a little pesto on it but said it was still a good sandiwch in general.

We also ordered a couple of meals to go for some colleagues. The Dill Burger and the Gourmet Grilled Cheese. I wasn’t able to get any feedback from them but rest assured if it was bad, they would have told me immediately.

BS Sandwich Press

BS Sandwich Press

The presentation was nice and the staff there was even nicer. It was a great return visit to B.S. Sandwich Press and one that shouldn’t have taken so long. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be at next.

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