Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+ Review

Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+

Now that it’s getting nice out, it’s time to find the nearest patio and enjoy a couple adult beverages. There’s a decent little spot in Wichita that doesn’t get enough attention and that’s Union State over at 701 E. Douglas. The area houses The KitchenNoodles To Go, 8° Below – Rolled Ice Cream, and the topic of today’s blog: Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+.

701 E Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67202

Summer hours:
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 12am
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

At Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+, the concept is very simple: shaved ice spiked with alcohol. It should be noted they are kid friendly and will sell regular shaved ice but the big draw here is the alcohol….. at least for me it is.

The menu is very simple. If you’ve ever been to any shaved ice truck around town, you’ll see many of the common flavors found everywhere else. You can choose any of these flavors and add shots of alcohol to it. There’s a list of many different flavored alcohols to choose from. There’s also a menu of preset options available. If you’re “hungry”, they also serve alcoholic Jell-o shots and gummy bears.

For those people just wanting beer, Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice has that for you too.

Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+

Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+

The shaved ice comes with either a single shot of alcohol for $6 or a double shot for $10. If you’re wanting to go alcohol free, the prices are $3, $3.50 and $4.

If you pay attention to happy hour specials, you’ll be “happy” to know that Funky Monkeys offers half price alcoholic drinks every day from 2 – 4pm. Then from 6 – 8pm, customers can get $2 off double shots. This is available every day of the week. We will be adding this to our calendar page for those that want to keep up to date with the food and drink specials around town.

My friend and I stopped by over the weekend before Riverfest (an event everybody should make it out to at least once this year). We both ordered off of the preset menu, I went with the Cherry Limeade (cherry & pink lemonade with lime vodka) and she went with the Blake Shelton (sangria with pomegranate vodka).

Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21+

The shaved ice comes in a Funky Monkeys Shave ice themed red solo cup. It’s a nice touch to see they see value in branding themselves on these cups instead of offering cheap cups; extra points there. My friend noted she liked how her shaved ice wasn’t too syrupy. It was a cleaner and smoother tasting shaved ice. We both went with the single shot of alcohol.

After halfway through our shaved ice, we both came to the conclusion that we should have ordered a double shot. The single shot wasn’t really noticeable. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good or bad thing to admit. I promise we’re not alcoholics……I should say I’m not one as I can only speak for myself. It was still a tasty shaved ice though.

All in all, we enjoyed our shaved ice and would certainly go back again. It’s something different and in the downtown scene, it’s always nice to set yourself apart from the other businesses in the area. Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice 21 does nails that down. Especially when the weather is nice, this would be a great spot with friends, on a date, with family or whomever. On Friday and Saturdays, Funky Monkeys extends their patio further east and adds yard games.

I’m certain I’ll be down there again sometime this summer. If you haven’t gone, it’s a place to add to your list of things to try at least once in Wichita.

Happy Drinking,

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