Jacky Chan Sushi no longer offering quick lunch buffet

At the end of May, we posted a review on Jacky Chan’s Sushi lunch buffet.

Well without much notice, that special seems to have ended. While not information was given, my brother stopped in on Friday to find out this deal was no longer offered and Jacky Chan wanted to have a new monthly special. This was a complete shock to us as we were under the impression it would be there much longer.

According to my brother, the new special is 2 maki rolls (from a list) for $10.99, 2 maki rolls plus and egg roll and crab rangoon for $11.99. Then 1 temaki plus 2 nigiri and 1 maki roll plus a pot sticker, crab rangoon and egg roll for $12.99. All of the specials come with miso soup.

I reached out to Jacky Chan Sushi to confirm these specials but all messages were left unreturned. There has been no update posted on their Facebook page either. Just an example of poor use of social media use considering one of their main photos posted is advertising their quick-lunch buffet.

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1 thought on “Jacky Chan Sushi no longer offering quick lunch buffet”

  1. I tried his place 6 months ago or so. Great rolls, just like they were at Kwan Court, but I just found the restaurant to lack atmosphere, and personally was put off by how chatty he is. Nice guy and all, but sheesh, just make my rolls and let me get moving on. Haven’t been back since. Sapporo – now THEY’VE got some sushi going on, but again, the lady owner…..you have to be in the mood for that show.

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